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Full Moon in Aries 2022

On October 9th, 2022 we have a Full Moon in Aries at 1:54 PM MST. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and our New Moon in this sign was April 1st. You may find that the new intentions you set at that time are now fully realized. When the Moon is at its fullest is when we are emotionally fulfilled, emotionally charged as well. Aries is a fire sign which can indicate this is one that could have us feeling hot under the collar. Before we get too worked up here are some reminders about my current offers.

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Now back to the Full Moon! In order to have a full moon we need the Sun exactly opposite the Moon. While the Moon is in Aries then, the Sun would need to be in its opposite sign of Libra. This is important, because the light shines from the area of the chart where we need to see something to understand something emotionally about ourselves. The Moon is what we need to feel safe and secure. In Aries there is something about our need for independence that we need to understand. Perhaps we need to understand what it is that holds us back from taking initiative as that is one of the traits of Aries. The Sun in Libra talks to us about relationships, and it is sitting next to the ruler of Libra, Venus. The Moon on the other side is sitting next to Chiron, which shows us our wounds we need to heal. There are lessons about the pain we have experienced in our past relationships. This can be a relationship with someone else, or the relationship we have with our self. Whenever we have opposing energies we need to figure out how to meet in the middle. To learn even more about the sign of Aries or tune into this energy via hypnosis, check out my article here.

If you have allowed the experiences of the past to paralyze you and are no longer having relationships with others, that can be a problem. We grow and learn the most in our relationships. If we try to just cut ourselves off from others because we don’t want to get hurt again, we are going to end up stagnant. Venus and the Sun joined together in Libra are lighting the way for you to create successful relationships or partnerships at this time. The Moon and Chiron are helping you heal the wounds of the past in order to maintain your independence in relationships. If you were too giving in the past, didn’t have good boundaries, you could have been taken advantage of and hurt. However, that is your fault for being too giving, not having good boundaries, not the fault of the other person. We have to own our pain, that is the lesson of the full moon. Once we get that we can be freed.

Libra is also the sign of Justice, legal issues, and wanting the scales to be balanced. Mars is in positive aspect to the Sun and Moon, so is Saturn. This forms what we astrologer’s call a Grand Air Trine. A trine is formed when planets are in the same element and join together at a 120-degree angle. When all 3 signs of a particular element join together, it is called a Grand Trine. The most important thing about a trine is to know an opportunity is being presented to you, but you have to take action, you have to make the effort to produce what you want from the positive energy flow. Mars encourages us to take action on the important information that is going to be shown to you during this Full Moon. This week leading up to it may be showing you things in a new light so you can change your mind or thinking on a particular area in your life. Especially about the people currently a part of your life.

The air signs rule over our mind, our communication, and they connect us to others at an analytical level. There are 2 squares occurring at the same time which have us changing our mind about something. One is the ongoing square since 2021 between Saturn and Uranus, exact at the time of the Full Moon, and the other is between Mars and Neptune. Both are pushing us to make some sort of change. Neptune is delusional and dreamy energy, which is at odds with the practical Gemini energy, where Mars is currently transiting and will be through next March due to its upcoming retrograde at the end of this month. In fact, you may not see the full picture on this issue until sometime early next year. Deluding yourself long-term simply won’t work. Mars wants action. Neptune can dissolve things, in Pisces a sign it rules over, this can make holding boundaries a challenge. This includes boundaries for ourselves. We can delude ourselves into drinking too much, doing drugs, escapism of any kind. On the light side we can delve into the hidden and unseen and find a spiritual or artistic lifestyle. Whatever path you are on Mars is calling attention and saying something has got to change. Just be cautious, Mars in a sign that rules communication can have us aggressively using our mind and voice against others. If you do, during the retrograde you may regret it and spend the next several months trying to make amends.

Saturn is structure and discipline. It is seriousness where relationships are concerned. As it supports the Sun and Venus in the sign of Libra there could be contracts that are made, partnerships that are formed. They would end up being long-term too. With Mars also involved there could be strong alliances formed at this time as well on the World stage, as well as in our own lives. Thankfully Mercury will be moving forward again at the time of the Full Moon, in harmony with Pluto, so not causing too much chaos. In fact, this energy makes you feel very empowered to speak your mind. Mercury has spoken to Pluto 3 times during its retrograde through Virgo and Libra and this is the end, time to move this forward. It has also been speaking to Jupiter in Aries, which is retrograde, in opposition. This energy pushes us to grow. In Virgo it may ask you to let go of trying to control outcomes. Jupiter in Aries says you are stronger than you think, and in that strength you can let go and trust that Spirit has your back.

Saturn is also sextile to the Moon and Chiron in Aries. This helps us to maintain control over our emotions, gives them a purpose of some kind. Chiron shows us what we need to heal. Aries is our self-confidence. We can use Saturn’s plan, and the Moon’s intuition to heal whatever it is that has you doubting your strength. When we are strong we can improve our personal and business relationships. We can learn to take care of ourselves before we take care of others. Set good boundaries. We have an opportunity to make our needs just as much of a priority as our partners.

While Saturn is square to Uranus, both the Sun and Venus are inconjunct the planet, not connecting well. Uranus is also still in close contact with the North Node. This may be what has had you following a bit of a strange path to get to your final destination since 2021. Venus and the South Node are both at 13 degrees of their signs, so exactly inconjunct. This could mean that love may show up in an unexpected way to guide you on your path. Venus is beauty, love, money and our valuables. The North Node is our fate and destiny, it is also the lessons we need to learn, and I would expect some at the time of this Full Moon. Some will be shown something about a partner that they need to see for instance.

The following are some suggestions on what may be coming to fullness for you at this time. It is most noticeable from your Rising sign. You can create a free chart if you do not know yours, which requires your date, time and place of birth. The Sun sign is something you experience internally, and the Moon emotionally. Of course, to know for sure, booking a reading will help you gain the most knowledge. You can do that here.

Aries – in the first house, the house of self you are ready to heal these wounds that hold you back from fully stepping in to your power. A partner or very close friend is shining a light for you from the 7th house of serious relationships. If you want the relationship to succeed you have to start believing in yourself again. If you have been fighting with your partner it’s time to make peace. If you have not been able to say no, hold good boundaries, now is the time to make that shift. If people don’t respect your boundaries they don’t belong in your life. You are better off alone. A mentor or friend could be key to your full moon actions.

Pisces – in the 2nd house of the money you make could bring a change in how you make money. Perhaps you are closing a big deal and getting a big payout. Or your partner/ spouse may be getting some sort of change in their income that is affecting your own. Aries is leadership, independent energy, so it could be time for you to go it alone. The Sun is shining a light from the house that rules the money you get from other resources, including a spouse or partner, and it may cause a change in the work you currently do. Or it may be time to balance out the finances between you and your partner. A Spirit guide or psychic could give you some important insight during the Full Moon.

Aquarius – the 3rd house rules our community, our communication skills and devices. This is also family members like cousins and siblings. It may be time for you to literally move on from the place you feel at home. We can get stagnant when we don’t broaden our horizons. You are meant to be a leader in your community with Aries in the 3rd house. But perhaps you need a new challenge now. The Sun shines a light from the 9th house of higher learning, foreign lands, our connection to spirit. There is more out there to see it says, but you have to be willing to let go of something you have been a part of that feels safe and cozy. You are your own authority right now and no exactly the changes you are going to need to make.

Capricorn – the 4th house rules over our home, our family our ancestral roots. You could be ready to move, ready to heal ancestral pain, or just a family squabble. The 4th house is the energy of the mother, while the Sun in the 10th house reflects the energy of the father. There is a need to bring balance to both. You cannot for instance just focus on your success while ignoring your family. It’s time to heal the rift and see the other side of the issue. There could a lesson from a leader where you work that seems unrelated, but the connection will be made clear during the full moon.

Sagittarius – the 5th house rules over our creativity, the things we create, like our children. A child may be ready to leave the nest, or a project you have been working on is ready to be shared with the world. You could be conceiving a child. Sharing this creation, could cause you to lose some friends, or it could bring a change in the friend groups you are a part of. The Sun is shining a light from the area of friends and networking groups. Someone in that group may be showing you the way to bring your dreams to reality. But this could mean breaking free from what has felt comfortable for a long time. You are driven to follow your heart and give birth to something amazing anyway. There could be a teacher that directs you how to do just that.

Scorpio – the 6th house rules over our daily life, whether it’s the work we do, the pets we own, our health or being of service to others. Something that is a part of your daily life may be coming to an end. This the perfect time to make the effort to end an addiction. Scorpio energy is always about transformation. If you have Scorpio energy in the 6th house you need a lot of variety in your day. The Sun shines a light from the subconscious mind in the 12th house. This is also large institutions and things that are hidden from our view. Now they will be seen, and once you see this you will not be able to unsee it. The knowledge you gain is what drives you to make this lifestyle change. A mother figure may be the one to light the way for you.

Libra – the 7th house is ruled by Libra, it is our serious relationships and business partnerships, this is marriage and contracts. You are ready to conclude a relationship goal now. Whether you are getting married or divorced depends on your current life circumstances of course. The Sun is shining a light from your first house of the self. So, what is being fulfilled now has to do with how this relationship is making you feel about your self-image. If it threatens it, you may have to let it go. If it lifts you up, you are ready to go to the next level. With Saturn in your 5th house of romance this could mean you are attracting in an older partner.

Virgo – the 8th house is the money you are receiving from others. It is the house that rules over death and transformation, sexuality and intimate partnerships. You could be working on creating a source of income that is passive in nature, but it pulls you away from a 9-5 job. The Sun in your 2nd house of the money you make is calling your attention to your budget in some way shape or form. These two houses also speak to our self-worth. Are you creating it yourself or do you rely on others to do that for you? In some way you need to balance the money you make with the money you receive from outside resources. Balance the value you create for yourself with the value you get from other people. If looking for funding you could be in for some good news now. A mentor who you worked with in the past may have an offer for you that shakes things up.

Leo – the 9th house is our growth and expansion, it is taking us to faraway places and out of our comfort zone. Something of a foreign nature is coming to a close, or something involving someone of foreign descent. The Sun is in your 3rd house along with Venus of course. You love where you are and are very comfortable. It feels good to be a part of something. Or exactly the opposite is true and that is driving you to make a big change. You could even achieve a goal of some kind involving higher education now. In either case it is time to let yourself be something more. You could find yourself drawn to someone older who is guiding you on a different path.

Cancer – the 10th house is our fame and recognition house, often associated with our career. We are receiving some sort of recognition for the work we are doing. A goal is being achieved involving our career, or the work we do, even volunteer work. The Sun shines a light from home, which could mean you have to start working outside the home to achieve this goal. Cancer loves its cozy home so this could cause you to really get outside your comfort zone, but it’s really for the best. There could be some unexpected funding that comes in to help you with your career goals.

Gemini – the 11th house is our friends and networking groups. An ending here, could mean it’s time to leave your friend or networking group. Or you could finally be ready to find your tribe. The Sun shines a light from your 5th house of love and fun. This could mean that a romantic partner is causing issues with your friends or vice versa. It’s time to set good boundaries and decide what is best for you. A mentor could come along that invites you to join this new group or at least makes you feel welcome there.

Taurus – the 12th house rules large institutions like hospitals and prisons, along with the subconscious mind. All things that you can get lost in, like the sea. This is a good time to be working on subconscious blocks that may be causing you health issues. The Sun shines a light from your 6th house of health and daily life. It could be telling you that you are too busy running around all the time and it’s time to take a mental health break. You are so good at working working working. But the cost may be too high on your body and it’s time to take a break. You might actually meet someone to go into business with unexpectedly that helps lift your burden.

The above are just suggestions of course, and do not take into account where all your natal planets are currently, or how they may be interacting with all the above. But you can take a look at any you have at or around 16 degrees and know they will create more of an impact to the full moon events. Now is the time to set your intentions for what you want to bring to fullness. Like a balloon once it is full you can release it, no need to hang onto this any longer. You have put in all the effort now release your attachment to it and watch it come to life.

Love and Light!

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