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Full Moon in Aries 2021

Wednesday October 20th we will have a Full Moon in the sign of Aries at 27 degrees. This means the Moon will be in Aries, while the Sun sits across the sky in the sign of Libra. This is a need for balance in the Me vs We energy, the independent self vs the relationship self. Full Moon’s bring a cycle to an end. In the sign of Aries, which represents the self, you may be achieving a personal goal of some kind. Perhaps this goal ties back to the New Moon intentions you set, when the Moon and Sun were together in Aries back in April.

The Moon rules over our emotions, and in a fire sign you might expect our emotions to get a bit heated during this full moon. Mars as the ruler of Aries, ignites fire, passion, drive and determination. It can also incite wars and accidents, as the energy can be a bit domineering and reckless at times.

On the opposite end the Sun in Libra is offering you peace and tranquility, justice, fairness. You can see how the two have a completely different view of the world at this time. You can either let these energies pull you and your relationships apart, or you will learn to help them make peace and meet in the middle somehow.

Adding to the passion is the fact that Mars has been staying very close to the Sun for several weeks now. The Sun is slowly making space between itself and Mars but they are only 4 degrees apart, which is close enough to consider Mars still conjunct the Sun. This means of course that the Moon is in opposition to Mars as well. The ego is at war with your emotions. Mars wants action, the Moon wants you to slow down and feel into whatever you are working on during this full moon. The Moon is also in the sign that Mars rules over. In some ways that adds even more intensity to your emotions. Mars is influencing the Moon now in multiple ways. Which means you need to find a healthy outlet for all the passion that is trying to make its way out of you. Exercise, hot yoga, hot tubs, loud music. Yell at a pillow even, but don’t yell at each other. And if you work in the public you want to prepare for lots of confrontations. Don’t dig in your heels and escalate things at this time. But if you need to kick yourself into high gear to achieve a personal goal, now is the time.

Pluto is no longer retrograde and making a t-square with the Moon and the Sun and Mars. I cannot say enough times how this is not the time to escalate any personal altercations. This is not the time to travel. This is not the time for taking any sort of physical risks. This is literally some of the most dangerous energy as far as having planets in conflict with one another. But if you need to light your own fire, and like being under pressure, then maybe you enjoy this. The rest of us are likely wanting to put ourselves in a time out. I have been feeling into this energy the past several days and it is physically uncomfortable. This is an excellent time to carry some crystal with protective qualities, get those chakras cleared, and call in your angels to keep you shielded from the harsh energy. You will definitely want to look at your chart to see where this is applying pressure for you.

2 days before the full moon Mercury retrograde in the sign of Libra ended. It is now time to move something forward in your relationships, but it is still opposing Chiron in retrograde, so doing so means facing down your self-confidence wounds. You should be ready to find balance in your partnerships, and if not, this will be a lot of public break ups occurring. Full Moon’s also represent endings and closure. But there is help from the planet Venus who is in Sagittarius and supporting both Chiron and Mercury, so the answer is Love, to choose love, to make a loving decision. Especially if that decision is to finally love yourself.

Venus is inconjunct with Uranus, still retrograde in her home sign of Taurus. Which says love may just surprise you. Mars and Neptune are also inconjunct which to me says some secrets may be revealed that are deceptive in nature. Whatever this is, you have been getting indications as both the Sun and Mars have been making this odd angle back to Neptune over the past week. It just may be fully exposed at this time.

The one very bright spot in the entire Full Moon activity is the fact that Jupiter is blessing Mars, the Sun and the Moon. Here is the thing, at the end of the day, whatever is ending for you was meant to be. If paying attention to the lessons, listening to spirit, this ending will bring you peace. If not, and you are off your path, well then this will shock you. Jupiter started moving forward again on the 17th/18th depending on your time zone. Whatever you were working on during the retrograde is ready to come to a close.

I do have some short new moon/full moon readings you can book if you want to know what to expect based on your chart. But below is based on general whole sign house system. Since this happens so late in the sign it may be helpful to read the sign before and after yours as well.

Aries – In your first house this means you are concluding some sort of personal goals. The first house also represents the self and how you present yourself to others. With the Sun and Mars in your 7th house you may be really focused on your relationship goals as well, but you have to find balance between the two. And Pluto is stressing the importance of work as well. Which goals should you choose to work on? How about all of them equally? Jupiter will bless you with some kind of reward if you do.

Pisces – the Moon will be in your second house, that rules the money you make, while the Sun and Mars are in the 8th house that rules the money your partner makes. There is a little bit of stress between the two of you over your value systems and money. Pluto in your 11th house of networking and friend groups is pulling at you as well, perhaps some benefactor trying to offer you some money but there is conflict over whether you should actually take it or not. Jupiter may be blessing you with some major insight in the way of psychic messages.

Aquarius – your 3rd house rules communication, communication devices, transportation, writing, so there is a goal you can achieve here if you just stay focused. But with the Sun and Mars in your 9th house of higher learning and foreign travel you just want to focus on getting away. Pluto in your 12th house is stirring up all kinds of scary thoughts too. Or there is some sort of impact from a large institution that is causes all kinds of disruption in how you interact with your community. You don’t have to be afraid, just count on those close to you for support. Jupiter is blessing you with an extra shot of self-confidence too.

Capricorn – the 4th house of home and family can see some projects at home coming to a conclusion, if you can just get a break from all the things you have going on at work. Pluto in your first house is pushing you to also take care of yourself, and don’t forget your personal goals are just as important as your families and your boss’s. Jupiter is sending a blessing of a financial nature, like a bonus at work.

Sagittarius – the full moon in your 5th house could mean some changes happening in the romance department. A relationship could end, or be ready to go to the next level. This house also rules your children, hobbies, having fun. Maybe it’s time to get more serious about helping others with the Sun and Mars in your 11th house. Jupiter is blessing you with some kind of message or information, that will lift your spirits if a relationship does end.

Scorpio – the 6th house is our work and daily routines, also our health and our pets. You might be saying goodbye to something or someone that has been a part of your daily life. The Sun and Mars in your 12th house have been giving you all kinds of crazy dreams, old ghosts coming back to haunt you. Pluto in your 3rd house is pushing you to put those old thoughts and feelings to rest. Aka Pluto and Mars are in hand to hand combat in your head, so watch out for migraines. Jupiter is blessing you with something related to home and motherhood.

Libra – with the Sun and Mars in your first house you might literally be a ball of fire right now, and your serious relationships might be paying the price. Full Moon in the 7th house either brings a marriage or can end one. Pluto in the 4th of home and family says the kids are pushing your buttons as well. You are the best at keeping things fair and balanced, you can do this! Jupiter could be blessing you with a new romance, definitely fun, or a bun in the oven!

Virgo – the Sun and Moon in your 2nd house of making money probably have you really busy at work and your side gig, which is not a bad thing. But in your 8th house of other people’s resources and taxes you eventually have to pay the piper. But Pluto in your 5th house says keep working on that side gig anyway. Jupiter is blessing you with something new about your daily life, maybe a new job.

Leo – the full Moon is happening in your 9th house which could see you wanting to complete some chapter that involves someone overseas perhaps. You could also be finishing up some sort of degree or other method of advanced learning. The Sun and Mars in your 3rd house have been keeping you very vocal about your needs right now. Pluto in your 6th house has been keeping you really busy during the day and all you really want to do is escape. Jupiter in your 7th says you may be blessed by marriage or business partner.

Cancer – an Aries full moon in your 10th house of career could be bringing a big change at work; a chapter is coming to a close. The Sun and Mars have been keeping you really busy and focused at home, so this change at work is not helping you keep things balanced. Pluto in your 7th house says your partnerships are pulling at you as well. Jupiter is blessing you though with some kind of unexpected gift. Maybe some money to tide you over while you make some needed changes.

Gemini – the 11th house rules our friends, our networking groups, and as I like to call it our fairy godparents, or odd parents. You may be completing a passion project of some kind. Speaking of passion that area of your chart is hot hot hot with Mars and the Sun in your 5th house of romance. Or the kids have been really riled up and you are about at your limit, no wonder you want to just go do fun things with your friends. Pluto in your 8th house of others and their money might have you about ready to pull your hair out doing tax paperwork, or you find out your partner has been doing something they shouldn’t with the finances. Jupiter though brings you some peace and serenity from some foreign entity. Maybe this school you need to attend isn’t so bad after all.

Taurus – this full moon in your 12th house may not be as noticeable, since it rules the subconscious mind. But it also rules hospitals and large institutions. The Sun and Mars in your 6th house may have you pretty fired up about your health, probably best to take care of it and keep yourself out of a large institution like a hospital. Pluto is saying to slow your role, and make time for connecting to spirit. Jupiter is going to be blessing you with some change in how you are recognized, career, marriage, divorce, parenthood, grand parenthood.

As I mentioned before, this is a tricky one to generalize based on how late in the houses this is occurring. For the house this is all actually occurring in you just need to create a free chart. You just need your birthtime, date and place and you can plug it into any free astrology program like Then you can read the section either before or after your sign above, for some tidbits that may relate to your experience. Whatever happens it won’t likely be too subtle. Stay in your power and all will be well!

You can book just a full moon reading with me at

Love and Light.

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