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Full Moon in Aquarius August 1, 2023

Updated: Jul 30, 2023

The Full Moon in Aquarius occurs on August 1st, 2023 at 11:31 am PT. The Sun and Moon will oppose each other from the signs of Aquarius and Leo, creating tension along the lines of We vs Me. The luminaries will be at 9 degrees, which is the number of completions. So, while the first of the month brings us new beginnings, those are a result of concluding something else.

Each full moon grants us the opportunity to complete a goal, to create an ending. This can be something you started 6 months ago at the New Moon in Aquarius, or even 2 weeks ago at the new moon in Leo. The Sun highlights the Moon as a sign that this cycle is now complete. To get even more messages about the Full Moon check out my Tarot card reading for the week on my YouTube channel here.

Aquarius is an Air sign, it rules over things that travel the air waves, like messages over the internet. Its ruler in traditional astrology is Saturn, in current day, or at least since the 1800’s it is now considered Uranus. This planet energy is electrifying, another type of energy that travels across lines that are unseen. It is associated with innovation and inventiveness. I often describe the energy to be a bit like the nutty professor. This is a fixed sign, as in fixed in place and unlikely to change its direction. Immovable objects, stubborn in their mindset, and yet very unique and eclectic as a result.

The house ruled by Aquarius is the 11th. This is where we see our friends and groups we belong to highlighted. We can also meet wise advisors or benefactors here. With your intentions this month you may be looking for ways to complete projects with your friends, or with the volunteer groups you are a part of. To go more in-depth with this energy check out my article and hypnosis session here.

The Moon in Aquarius feels a bit odd to be honest. From its home sign of Cancer, this sign is 150 degrees away, or what we call either Quincunx or inconjunct. Things just don’t flow so well here from a feeling perspective. But we can use our intuition to come up with inventive ideas, solutions come out of thin air, or so it would seem. This is where we get aha moments and incredible downloads from places unknown. The Air element rules over our mind, brain waves, communication, and connecting. The Moon rules our feelings, and in this sign we know we want to feel connected to others. You will take the steps to make that goal of yours a reality. New friends could come out of the woodwork, should you have to let an old friend go.

With the Sun opposing the Moon from its home sign of Leo, it feels extremely powerful. It is also on a bit of an ego trip, saying things like, but what is best for me, how can I get more attention, how can I shine more light on me? While the Moon in Aquarius is all about what is best for everyone. As you might imagine these two ways of being are in contrast to one another. This Is why there is always tension during a full moon. The point of the tension is to find balance in the middle. How can you do what is best for both sides? That is what you must decide. Is it possible? Or, do you have to walk away from something you thought was good for you, to realize at the end of the day it never was.

Following the current ruling planet Uranus, during the Full Moon, we see that it is at 22 degrees of the sign of Taurus, in a loose square to the ruler of Taurus, Venus. This may have been making things involving love and money a bit on the crazy side in the week leading up to this full moon event. Now the craziness will come to an abrupt end. With Uranus energy guiding the way we are breaking free from what no longer serves us. It will likely happen in a very abrupt way. The lightning bolt will find its mark and it is definitely going to sting a bit. But it is a necessary jolt, that pushes you outside your comfort zone where you may have been hiding for far too long.

Saturn the traditional ruler is exactly opposite to Mercury in its 2nd home sign of Virgo. There is likely an argument going on that involves government figures and young congressional leaders. This is a battle for control that will be concluded with the help of the full moon. Mercury has all the facts it needs to put up a really good fight. But it is no match for a planet the size of Saturn, so expect a lot of yelling to try to make up for lack of size and experience. It is never a good idea to pick a battle with Saturn, so if you can, quickly try and find middle ground. And you must make the person or situation that is being represented by Saturn in Pisces, look like it was all their idea.

Jupiter and Mars are speaking in harmony, both in earth signs. Both of these planets are actually rulers over fire signs, so the earth energy can feel a bit restrictive and heavy. However, together they are making some major headway. Jupiter is in a bit of a wide t-square with both the Sun and Moon. That again would indicate that whatever needs to be completed, requires a major change occurring in your life. Also important to note, is that Jupiter is currently in its shadow phase. That means whatever you conclude now will likely come up for some kind of review in Sept/Oct when Jupiter comes back over this area again. And since Mercury was already here the storyline may even be tied back to something that happened last April/May. But Jupiter is taking whatever it is to the next level, so don’t expect to put your head in the sand and ignore whatever this is for you. Jupiter and Mars together are a force to be reckoned with. They can also shake the earth up a bit, so be careful when traveling, hiking, and no digging without getting a review of your gas lines done first.

Adding even more craziness to the energy surrounding the full moon is a YOD, or mission from God. The finger of fate is said to point you in the direction of work that you must do. It is never easy work, but it is important. Neptune in Pisces is where the finger is pointing. In actuality this looks like a witch’s hat, and Neptune is at the point of the hat. The brim of the hat, what holds this mission together, is the sextile made between the South Node and Venus. The same Venus that is squaring to Uranus. There may be an important relationship in your past that is coming back up to help you with this mission. Both the South Node and Venus are inconjunct to Neptune. There is some misunderstanding from the past you must clear up in order to move forward. A healing will occur that helps you move forward. Neptune dissolves whatever it touches. It’s time to remove the rose-colored glasses and see this situation clearly.

As if all that wasn’t already enough we are still in the throes of Pluto now exactly square to the North and South Node, which forms a t-square, or a big mountain of pressure. We have had months leading up to this to uncover the lessons. Where are you giving your power away may be one of those lessons. Now the time has come to make a move, no more excuses. Venus unlike Pluto is making positive contact to the North and South Node. These are fated events whenever we are working with the Nodes. We need to learn the lessons from the past in order to step into our intended future.

This is a very powerful Full Moon event. You may want to consider scheduling a reading to try to break this all down based on your specific chart. You can do that here. Below are some suggestions based on whole house signs, putting the rising sign at 0 degrees. Knowing your chart so you know the actual houses impacted will be very helpful. You can create a free chart on any astrology website, like Be sure to read below for your Rising sign first, then Sun, and finally your Moon. There a lot of energies being activated during this Full Moon so expect the unexpected!

Aries – the Moon will be in your 11th house bringing to fullness something involving your friends and/or networking groups. The Sun in your 5th is asking you if you are where you belong because you are following your heart, or just following the crowd. Your YOD work is in your 12th house, the one Neptune rules for you. There is something hidden that you need to see now. Once you see this you need to take action. It could just be something you hid from your subconscious mind, but now it’s making itself known, so don’t ignore this.

Taurus – the full moon happens in your 10th house, which rules over your career, fame and recognition. You could be ending a job, or making a major career change. Perhaps because of the needs of your family you have been avoiding taking on a new role. Now it’s time to choose a job where you feel welcomed and appreciated for your unique ideas. Neptune in your friend sector suggests someone is coming out of the woodwork to help you make this change.

Gemini – the 9th house brings things to a close involving some type of growth opportunity. Maybe you have been considering traveling abroad, or finishing up some type of degree. This house asks you to grow and expand, to go big, like Jupiter it’s ruler. The Sun shines from your 3rd house, your community is helping you shine right now. Be sure to thank them for their support. Neptune in your 10th house of career has a special mission for you to take on, it could include some faraway travel. Perhaps a job opportunity overseas.

Cancer – your 8th house is being activated with the Moon sitting there being shined upon by the Sun in your 2nd house of the money you make. This is the house that rules over debts, money we get from other people, and death and transformation. If you have been going through a major transition that is about to come to a close now. This is about achieving balance between the money you make and the money you get from others. You don’t have to do it all alone, but your partners contributions need to be fair and balanced. Neptune is pushing you to grow, to learn how to hold good boundaries with a partner potentially.

Leo – with the 7th house activated a serious relationship is coming to a close. Getting married or getting divorced? Something is changing in regards to how you feel about your relationships, business or personal. The Sun is shining a light from your 1st house, telling you that your relationship should make you shine as well. If it doesn’t it may be time for it to come to an end. As a fire sign, you love an adventure. With Neptune in your 8th house of transformation you are feeling the need to make a major life transition. There is a major letting go happening. You might not recognize yourself when you are done.

Virgo – your 6th house is activated with the Moon full of light, helping you achieve a goal that is related to work or health. Something that is a part of your day to day life is completing. This can be something that affects your pet’s health as well. The Sun in the 12th house shines a light on something that has been hidden. If you do have a health concern there could be answers now. Neptune in your 7th house could have you on a mission to form a spiritual business partnership with someone.

Libra – the Moon in your 5th house could bring something regarding your heart to completion now. This is the house that rules romance, children, hobbies, all the things we love. The Sun in your 11th house shows you what your friends’ priorities are, and they might be clashing. Your goal is to figure out how to make everyone happy, but you are the priority here. Neptune has you focused on something at work, maybe it’s your health. But you can’t fool yourself any longer. If you are not seeing things clearly now is the time to start.

Scorpio – the 4th house of home and family could see you making a major change at home. Someone could be moving in or out, or you could be moving to a new home. A goal involving home and family can be achieved. The Sun in your 10th house suggests something like a raise, maybe even marriage has something to do with the change. Neptune in your romance sector has you hard at work creating a home that you feel connected with. Your creative gifts are being called on.

Sagittarius – that Aquarian Moon is filling up your 3rd house. There could be some important work you are concluding now, maybe you are writing a book or a thesis. Whatever you have been studying you are ready to finish up. The Sun is shining a light from your 9th house, it’s a big light too. It is showing you how much you have learned. Neptune has a mission for you involving home and family. You might consider moving back home, or at least have to go back home to deal with some drama.

Capricorn – you have financial goals in mind with a full moon in your 2nd house of the money you make. This can bring a new job, a promotion, an increase in your income. The Sun shines a light from the 8th house. There may be some debts you can now pay off as a result of this new situation. Neptune in your 3rd house is giving you a creative boost, so don’t let this inspiration pass you by. Uranus is shaking things up in the romance department so be sure to plan a break from work and have some fun.

Aquarius – this of course is happening in your 1st house. The spotlight is on you! Even though the Sun is shining from Leo, and they always think its all about them. This may mean your partner is feeling a bit full of themselves right now. But it’s time for you to be the one to shine. It is time to restore the balance in your serious relationships too. This goal you are achieving is a personal one, very important to you. Congratulations on a job well done. With Neptune in your 2nd house of the money you make perhaps there is some mission you are on that helps to increase your income. If you are really lucky in love you could meet someone at work that turns out to be the real deal.

Pisces - things that come to fullness in your 12th house might not be recognizable at first. This is things that are hidden from the conscious mind. But you will notice something is different and not know why. It will feel like a burden has lifted suddenly. With the Sun shining a light on your 6th house of health you are going to feel better now that this mental stress has been released. Uranus energy in the 3rd house can surprise you with a whole new way of thinking, that helps you release this mental burden. Then you should channel it into something creative with the help of Neptune in your sign.

Of course, all of the above is just some examples of things that can come to fruition. To learn more be sure to book a session with me. I do have short sessions just for Full Moon readings. You can find one here.

Thank you for sharing!

Love and Light!



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