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February Monthly Horoscope

Even if you aren't a fan of Valentine's Day, you can still be a fan of love. The month begins with Venus still in one of her favorites signs, Pisces, so love is feeling really good right now. This month will bless us with a full moon in Leo and a new moon in Pisces.

Following are some the general energies that will occur during the month.

February 1st - Rabbit Rabbit! Wishing you good luck in love this month!! Speaking of Venus and love, she is making a sextile over to Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. This supports your goals in love, money, and relationships. You still have to put in the work, but when you do you are greatly rewarded. These are a good couple of days to set your intentions and put in the effort to move you forward in these areas.

February 3rd - welcome to the shadow period of our first Mercury retrograde of 2020. Mercury will officially begin its retrograde motion on the 17th of the month, but this will be the area that Mercury will cover back over during the retrograde. Pay close attention to what comes up for you during these 2 weeks. Don't get too attached to any outcomes, as things will get a 2nd look after the 17th. With Mercury in Pisces it will be one of the more emotional retrogrades.

February 7th - Venus is at the critical 29th degree of Pisces, this degree of Pisces is actually a pretty harsh one. It is the last degree of the zodiac and meant to help you bring something to completion. Pisces rules endings, and this is one that involves love or money, or both. It is time to cut the cords on something that has been holding you back.

February 8th - Mercury meets up with the North and South Node in a positive aspect. This is an important meeting as far as the next steps in your fate are concerned. This means you could be receiving some sort of communication that leads you down your destined path. A message that helps you release a block that allows you to move forward. Make sure you are paying attention. Good news is with this one you get 3 chances, because this point will be activated that many times during the retrograde. Pisces rules medicine, large institutions, hidden places, the subconscious mind, spirituality and creativity. With its ruler being Neptune there is always the potential of delusion and escapism. This is positive energy though so if that is the case you will be able to see through the fog. Also today Venus makes her ingress into Aries. Venus in the fire signs makes love, hot and passionate. Our love life is about to get a serious injection from the love goddess. In the late evening on the West Coast, we also have the full moon in Leo. The Moon will oppose the Sun at exactly 20 degrees of Leo, while the Sun is in Aquarius. This is Me versus We energy, and the need to find balance between the needs of others and your own needs. You have a chance to bring something to completion that is Leo related. Leo rules, fun, hobbies, children, and the heart. I will post an article with the full details by sign as well.

February 9th - Venus is conjunct with Chiron and will help you heal a wound in your current love relationship or one from the past. Choose love instead of fighting with one another, it is the answer to the pain you are experiencing. This could be the love you have for yourself if you are not in a relationship. Take the time to heal yourself, be kind, nurture you body and your mind. Chiron will show you how to heal if you just tune in. You will have a few days to work with this as well.

February 14th - Venus will be in a square with the North and South Node which means the direction we are headed might need to make a change. Whether it's love or money an adjustment is needed so your values are more in line with your fated path. And of course it is Valentine's Day, so I am more inclined to believe there is an adjustment needed in your love relationships. Maybe you have sworn off love, but the Universe knows we all need love and someone will cross your path unexpectedly today.

Feb 15th - Mars is hitting the 29 critical degree point in Sagittarius, this might have you rushing to travel to far away places, or sign up for that Masters program, or just having you rushing rushing rushing. So be a little careful. Mars is known for causing accidents when you are being a bit careless, or moving too fast. But if you need extra motivation in any of these areas then this is your day. Well actually you have a few days of this energy as Mars finishes up his time in Sag. It is a great time for power studying for a big exam too. The Moon makes a sextile over to Saturn today and that helps you get more logical instead of overly emotional about the tasks that lie in front of you. At the same time the Moon makes a square over to the Sun. Whenever our emotions battle with our ego a shift is needed in how we are reacting. Count to 10 before you respond whenever you are feeling triggered.

February 16th - Jupiter and Neptune form an exact trine today. This is amazing energy that will offer a reward when you tap into it. You may have been feeling this already as Jupiter is such a large planet. This gives our creativity an extra boost, anything you do with the arts is lifted to a new level. If you have been struggling with finding a meaning in life this is a time where you can get clarity, find what inspires you, and make a connection with the Universe. The squares that you experienced last year between Jupiter and Neptune, now begin to heal as these two planets begin to work in harmony with one another. Jupiter in Capricorn can carry with it a financial gift. So if you have a product or service tied to something of a spiritual, medical, or the arts, this is a time to invest in taking it back off the shelf. We are in the shadow period still of Mercury retrograde so not best for major launches of new things, but you could revise something you previously worked on. Mars launches into Capricorn energy and gives you some serious determination where work is concerned. There is a lot of male energy going on in Capricorn right now so I expect egos to be rather large, especially in the workplace during this transit.

February 17th - Mercury goes retrograde at 12 degrees of Neptune today. The number 12 reduces to the 3, which is communication, connecting to our higher power, and our creativity. What have you been seeing show up for you where Mercury is concerned so far? What do you wish you could have a do-over for? Now is your chance. This is not the best time for making purchases, doing water work, or buying water related things, like a boat. But it is a good time to re-look, re-visit, re-design something. Mercury is always good for any RE-anything. You have about 3 weeks to contemplate your designs and then launch them after the post shadow period passes.

February 18 - this is the last day of the Sun in Aquarius. Our light and airy energy will get a lot more emotional as the sun enters into the water sign of Pisces. But this could be a great day to open yourself up to aha moments, or sudden changes. Aquarius rules our innovation, electronics and groups and networking. Maybe you receive some recognition today for the work you have been doing for a special cause.

February 19 - The Sun enters Pisces and we start opening ourselves up to our emotions, our spirituality and our creativity. This is the last house of the Zodiac, and the Sun can shine a light on things that need to be brought to an end. The subconscious mind can become very active, so this is a good time for journaling your dreams. The Moon will spend time with Pluto and Saturn, giving us a serious boost of power where our emotions and intuition are concerned. This can bring a message about what the Pluto/Saturn conjunction meant for you.

February 20 - it's 2/20/2020, that's a lot of messages about the importance that relationships play in our lives. You may be given an opportunity to see just how today. Mars is in a square to Chiron while in a trine over to Uranus. A trigger or wound of some kind can show up for you and give you an opportunity to tell it just how done with it you are. Use this Mars energy to heal this wound and let it go once and for all. Uranus always brings a bit of the unexpected into the energy. So your motivation may come up as if out of nowhere. A fight you have been having forever in a relationship finally gets resolved, or you finally are ready to walk away. Enough is actually enough this time. You will have a few days to work with this energy, so be prepared to work on this more than once.

February 21st - The Sun will be in a sextile with Mars and a sextile with Uranus. Your success comes from taking some type of action that is unique. You are no longer satisfied by the same old same old. You are ready for something new and fresh. This is what cements the healing you started a few days ago, and guarantees its success. Don't waste this opportunity. And the weirder the option, the better.

February 23 - Venus and Jupiter make a square at 18 degrees. The 2 benefics in a square isn't necessarily a bad thing. But it is check in time. Are you still on the path you committed to where love and money is concerned? Are you still valuing yourself? Jupiter wants you to check in with the bigger picture. Aries is very independent energy, but love usually requires 2 people working together to create something new. Perhaps this is a wakeup call and an end to your singularly focused life. Since this is also the day of our New Moon in Pisces there is definitely a chance for a new start in love. Firing up our chances even more is an exact sextile to Mars over to Mars from the Sun and Moon. You are very motivated for a fresh start wherever Pisces shows up in your chart. I will post my separate article for the impacts you can expect by sign.

February 25th - Mars is conjunct with the South Node and so of course opposite the North Node. Mars is motivating you with something related to the past. The goal is not to have you focused on those skills you used so well in your past life, its meant to help you permanently cut ties with the past. That is where you use the opposition to the North Node and find your perfect balance point. But if you are not on your path and too attached to your South Node tendencies, then they might be even more alive right now. Stay aware and don't let that be you. Mars is still maintaining its sextile over to the Sun, so you want to stay focused on what makes you a success, and taking positive steps in that direction, not backwards.

February 26 - Mercury makes a sextile over to the South Node party with Mars, and makes a trine over to the North Node. You have the potential to connect with someone from the past or from a past life. Mercury is communication, so some fated message is coming in for you that helps you achieve a milestone on your life path. You are able to use your communication skills to clear up an issue from the past that has been blocking you. Mercury will also be cazimi again today, so it might take a little time to think through what you want to say. We last saw this happen in Capricorn, on the 10th of January to be exact. How did you feel then? This is when the Sun and Mercury are so close you can't see Mercury. This can put your mind on steroids and cause anxiety for some. If this is you, work with the water energy. Take a great bubble bath, or a long hot shower, go for walks by the water, drink lots of water. Just don't sit and stress or late your mind race.

February 27th - the Moon and Venus will meet up in Aries. You could be feeling very emotional about love today, and very passionate. It's a good way to escape the stress of Sun and Mercury. Use your passion to move you towards something enjoyable. They meet at 22 degrees, which is the master builder number. Maybe this is going to be the start of something big.

February 28th - Happy Birthday to my youngest sister today! Almost a leap year baby. The Moon will cross paths with Uranus today so you might have some intuitive thoughts or you could just feel a little weird today. Mercury is also in a sextile over to these two so maybe you will hear from someone you never expected to hear from again.

February 29th - Happy Leap Year day! Is that even a thing? It is now. And since Mercury is in contact with Uranus still I can be as unique and creative as I want to be! As we finish out the month Jupiter is edging closer to Pluto and Saturn is edging farther away. Next month Saturn will ingress into Aquarius. Government power will shift to People Power, not completely as Pluto will remain in Capricorn for some time. But the power is shifting and will be noticeable.

If you want to know how this month will impact you specifically it's a great time to book a session. And if you want to learn how to use the energy to benefit you better try signing up for my new coaching sessions. Prices are very reasonable as I get this portion of my offerings up and running.

Love and Light!

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