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February 25th, 2019

Congratulations, there are no stalker cards today it would appear some homework got done yesterday. :)

Our general energy card today, still focused on finances is the Queen of Autumn/Pentacles. The Queen energy is more sedate than the Knight's energy, as she isn't rushing around trying to figure out how to get things done. She knows, she has the answers, and she will be nurturing in her own way when helping you. As an earth energy this Queen is well grounded, she is a leader, and can be trusted. As we look at the imagery in the card we see she is surrounded by opulence, with a rabbit at her side a sign of luck and good fortune. But today let's focus on her hand placement. Her staff is pointed to the heaven's and her other handed pointed towards the ground. This is a message from above that you need to listen to in order to move forward where your finances are concerned. You can either download this message yourself of hear it from a woman or at the very least a very feminine energy. When you take action on the advice you will benefit financially.

Our love energy is Be Supportive. A situation or a person from your past may reach out to you today for support. The advice of this card today is to give it regardless of the circumstances around the last time you were together. And notice it says be supportive, that just means listen. You don't have to solve anything for this person. Maybe you are the Queen of Autumn and they just need some advice about their career. Make the time to show this person they are important to you and really listen to what it is they need help with.

The action/advice today is from our Goddess Nike. She represents Ambition, hmmm I wonder where that athletic company got their inspiration from? Definitely a theme of career and finances today. This is a sign of the impacts from Uranus as he inches minute by minute closer to Taurus. The message today is to celebrate your successes by being your authentic self. She is clearly looking to the future, and her eyes are literally glowing from the excitement of the success she sees that lies ahead for her. There is no room for doubters right now. No one has the power to hold you back, so do not let them. The best way to ensure more success is to share what you have learned, what you have gained with others. The wings in her crown show that you will be lifted above the fray, so do not worry if anyone around you tries to knock you down for being proud of yourself. You are meant to shine, and no one can bring you down.

The numerological energy is still a 3. Your success is a result of tapping into your creativity.

The astrological energy sees Venus conjunct the South Node today. If you have been contacted from past loves over the weekend that is what this energy represents. If you met someone that it seems like you know from somewhere that is this energy as well. The South Node represents what we already know. It is past life experiences. This isn't just love energy but any type of past relationship involving love or money. Perhaps someone you used to work for reaches out with a new job opportunity. How this energy appears for you has a lot to do with where Capricorn is in your chart and how your planets are personally impacted. Negatively impacted and this brings up triggers from the past. Your goal is to recognize this person/situation as the trigger, then identify the wound they represent, heal it and move on. The outcome of the situation is completely reliant on how you decide to move forward. Give in to the trigger and react the same way you always have, or pause and reflect and decide on a different response. Option one ensures the pattern shows up for you again at a later date, perhaps with Saturn involved and you really don't want that lesson!! The South Node conjunction means a North Node opposition. Our true path lies in the North Node, this lesson is meant to move your forward, so expect a significant event to occur if it hasn't already.

Love and Light.

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