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February 2022 Monthly Horoscope

After the 4th of this month all of the planets will be moving forward again, until April 29th when Pluto will be the first to start the whole retrograde season over again. The New Moon will be in Aquarius and the Full Moon in Leo this month. We also have the Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio, as we get a close look at the change that is coming in, and how it will reshape our lives.

February 1st – Happy Lunar New Year!! Aka Chinese New Year., which occurs along with the 2nd New Moon after the Winter Solstice. This is the year of the water Tiger. For most we have the New Moon start off the month, but those in the Westernmost time zones are actually experiencing it on the 31st of January. In Aquarius we are experiencing an innovative way of connecting with our friends. Finding our tribe. Meeting a new benefactor. The Sun and Moon will be together at 12 degrees of the sign with Saturn nearby at 15. This brings a level or seriousness and structure, perhaps some new restrictions. Uranus is square the New Moon, but it is moving forward now and opening the door to a new beginning wherever you have this occurring in your life and your chart. Venus is trine to Uranus making love and money a bit risky and exciting. The Nodes are making positive contact with Pluto ,while it is conjunct Mercury that is stationing to go direct. Woot Woot the fate train is coming to the station for these new beginnings. We will explore this even more closely in my New Moon write up.

February 4th – Boom! All the planets are now direct! Venus has been direct since the 28th but sitting in an extended trine to Uranus since then, oh so slowly gaining momentum to actually move forward. Now Mercury will be doing the same at 24 degrees of Capricorn sitting next to Pluto for an extended period of time. This will open the door to some truth being exposed. Powerful or empowering speeches, and your OCD on steroids! Watch out for all those Gemini and Virgo placements they are going to be a force to be reckoned with for the next 10 days! If you need to organize something now is the time! Take your power back and clean up those messes. Also, today Saturn and the Sun are conjunct which is what we call Cazimi! So, you know how you can usually play sides with Grandpa and your Dad? Not today. They are joining forces, so you won’t get away with anything. This is a huge power trip, so make sure you don’t get swept up by it. But if you have been doing the work, Saturn rewards your success. This energy is with us a few days before and a few days after they hookup.

February 6th – The North Node in Taurus is trine to Pluto while the South Node in Scorpio is in a sextile. Pluto is helping you transform this area of your life so you follow your destined path. Serendipity, fated meetings, messages from strangers, all kinds of seemingly bizarre actions could cause you to suddenly be reborn. The contact is exact right now and lasts for the entire month. Be open to new opportunities and don’t think it is too crazy to work out. Fate talks quietly, nudges you gently on your path. Pluto is a big energy of inner work and facing your fears. So be prepared to face some and make a huge transformation in the area these are in your chart.

February 7th – Mars is in an exact trine to Uranus and the Moon in Taurus. Moving and shaking and money making. Your hard work is about to be rewarded, and not just financially but also emotionally. Of course, with Uranus involved how this all happens is a surprise. This energy also means the earth is feeling fired up and could need to let off some steam. Uranus rules over weather events so could have some rumbling in the skies occurring, or the ground. Nearby is also Venus, with Mars trying to catch her, she keeps herself arm’s length away. However, she is close enough to add her desire for good things to influence this planetary meet up. Perhaps an old lover shows up unexpectedly. Some crazy good things could be happening during this extended trine.

February 11th – Mercury is moving forward and now back to being exactly conjunct with Pluto for the last time of its retrograde. Whatever truth you needed to see and act upon now is the time. The first time these two met up was around Christmas day. What have you been exploring since then? Now is the time to see it come to a close.

February 12th – Venus and Mars are conjunct today at 14 degrees of Capricorn, but not exact, and they never get exact. As mentioned earlier Venus is just slightly ahead of Mars. But you still get the impact of love and money being on steroids. You want it, you need it, you will do anything to have it. Take a breath before you do anything stupid though. Uranus is still close enough to these two to help things get out of control really quickly. Like getting married in Vegas and waking up the next day with buyer’s remorse. Or making a crazy beauty decision, like a huge tattoo! Don’t do it. Let this surge of energy pass and Venus get out of retrograde shadow before you do anything permanent.

February 14th – Happy Valentine’s Day. Love may be expressed in big ways since we are still under the influence of Venus and Mars conjunct and still making positive contact with Uranus. Add to that Mercury shoots out of Capricorn and back into Aquarius where it started its retrograde journey. Communication is all kinds of hot right now as the planets Venus and Mars will be dancing close together for at least a week. Love can also be healing as the Moon in Leo is in a trine with Chiron in Aries. Love heals our wounds to our self-image.

February 16th – the Full Moon in Leo brings even more love vibes. Completion where love, children, hobbies are concerned. The Moon will be at 27 degrees of Leo while the Sun is the same degree of Aquarius. How can I balance my need for fun with my responsibility to others? This creates a square to the Nodes as well, which means fate may have some changes in store for you. You can’t sacrifice your needs for the needs of someone else just so you can be in a relationship. These 4 points form a Grand Cross in the Fixed signs, the pressure of this Full Moon is going to push you to end something that is holding you back. The odd angle to Pluto is going to mean from out of nowhere you are going to feel the urge to let something die, so it can be transformed. Walk away in order to push for the outcome you really want. Watch closely the Political stage, there could be a very big show in store. More to come on the full write up nearing to this event.

February 17th – the Moon moves into Virgo to help you gain some control over your emotions, but it opposes Jupiter who is sextile Uranus so be prepared for some crazy feelings coming out and getting expressed big time. Your connection to Spirit, to your intuition and your psychic abilities, is on a major high right now. Do not try to ignore whatever is showing up for you at this time. Jupiter makes things impossible to ignore. Uranus does the same in shocking ways. So, something major is about to get exposed and no one is going to be able to kid themselves about it any longer. Pisces is the hidden coming to the surface. You are just going to know something so deeply right now, just that knowing is going to shock you. The energy before and after these few days is going to be intense.

February 18th – our intense energy continues as the Sun is at the last critical degree of Aquarius while the Moon is making a trine to Mars and Venus in Capricorn. People uniting for a cause. Then the Sun will drop into the emotional sign of Pisces and we spend the next month tapping into our artistic side. We are feeling all kinds of emotions and we need a place to channel them. Don’t stuff them down, let them out in a positive way. This is the 12th house, the last sign of the Zodiac, it is time to wrap things up and get ready for setting intentions for the new zodiac year ahead. Use the next month wisely.

February 23rd – Mars and Venus are still dancing along together with Mars now taking the lead, they meet up with Neptune today and love feels dreamy. This can be a little too dreamy, you can lose your head. But it is the perfect day for massages, and comfort food, and creating art and music. Going dancing. Not so good to make big time purchases, as I don’t think you are able to see past your rose-colored glasses. But man does this high feel good! Plus, it lasts for a few days! Mercury is back in its square to Uranus so watch out for surprises, as in saying something stupid, being reckless, getting in an accident. These two last met up mid-January so that issue can come to some sort of conclusion now. But a square means you had to make a change. You had the retrograde to contemplate something, now it is time to move that forward.

February 24th – while Mercury is still squaring off with Uranus it is also now sextile to Chiron, this means some healing can occur. You may learn of a new method of healing, decide to try some hypnosis for healing, or other unique modality. Changing the way you think about something may lead to what feels like a miracle. Suddenly being freed from something or someone who has held you back for years.

March preview – the month will begin with Mars and Venus conjunct with Pluto. This is like a war for love. Venus spent her retrograde with Pluto in the beginning. Then she went to find Mars to help her escape from Pluto as she returns to end her retrograde. Oh man is the beginning of the month going to be spicy! Passions are running high. Mercury will be joining up with Saturn, which leads to some serious conversations. Add to all that the New Moon in Pisces, sextile Uranus, followed by a Full Moon in Virgo that will have the support of the Nodes. Last but not least we will have the Spring Equinox. Things are beginning to move forward big time!

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