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Energycast May 9, 2019

It is going to be a bit of an emotional day. The Moon is standing across the sky from the South Node/Saturn and Pluto. Each side sure their way is best. One is all about home and family, the others are about the past, structure, and transformation. They must release the pressure somehow and it's aiming right at Venus, thankfully she is being rescued by Jupiter and Mars.

Our general energy card is the Ace of Swords/Winter. This means all the emotion, all the pressure is helping you have a big aha moment. What you are seeing and feeling now cannot be unseen. Your eyes are wide open and change is on the horizon. This is a symbol of the Mercury/Uranus conjunction, a sudden jolt of insight. The answer was there all along, you just hadn't seen it clearly before. Now you will and soon you will be ready to take action.

The love energy today is Deep Knowing. There will be interactions with people today that feel like you have known this person your whole life, even though you have just met. Or the advice this person gives you is accepted easily when there isn't really a sound reason to trust it. You just know what you know today in all of your relationships. Go with your gut today, and it will not lead you astray. And if you meet someone new and think, this could be the one!! You just might be right! Go for it!

The Goddess energy today is Mama Qocha, and she represents water. Which is influenced today by the Moon's activities. The moon controls the ebb and flow of the tides. This is a reminder that we are also made up of mostly water, that means you are very much physically influenced by the planet energy today in particular. You are mighty and powerful and able to accomplish anything you set your mind to, but you need to remain flexible. Water will always find a way through, even if it has to cut a rock away. However, it is very patient, trusting it will achieve it's goal in time, but maybe not right this second. Be in the flow today, stay aware, do not try to force outcomes, find middle ground and watch miracles unfold for you.

The numerological energy is again the 5. Change is on the agenda, and we need to remain open to it. Even if you thought there is no way in h e double hockey sticks this will ever work out, today might just surprise you.

The astrological energy can be a bit intense with all the opposition and squares going on. But 2 things will help love triumph on this day. Venus is in a sextile to Mars and in a trine to Jupiter. Our relationships are really pushing us to grow right now. People are pushing our buttons at home and at work. It might seem like you just can't catch a break. But those who remain in the flow and open to new beginnings are seeing their wishes granted. You need to seek a higher power when you are feeling overwhelmed, then let it go. If you can't see a solution or a way out then stop trying to force one. Trust your gut, know that this will work out as it is meant to and just let it go. When we force outcomes we push what we want farther away. And remember the Universe delivers what it knows is best for you on its timeline, not yours. Focus on being loving and kind, pursue your passions, and stay present. The future has not happened yet, the past is over. This moment right now is the most important one, focus on it. Focus on what you can control right now, which is most likely your thoughts, your breathing, and most of your physical. Whatever is pushing you right now has a purpose. It wants you to change, it wants you to believe in your self worth again, it wants you to take your power back. Take ownership over your karma, apologize if you need to, then move on. It is going to be an interesting day, stay awake.

Love and Light.

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