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Energycast May 8, 2019

We have the Moon in Cancer for the next few days, which is it's home sign. This gives us time to appreciate home and family. To take our focus inside, to get back in touch with our intuition.

Our general energy card is the High Priestess. With the planets Mercury and Uranus also conjunct today in Taurus for the first time in 80 plus years you can expect a lot of surprises. This is also like the Tower card today. So expect insights that disrupt your old thinking ways and patterns and suddenly lead you in an entirely new direction. Maybe you have already been experiencing some surprises as these 2 planets were getting closer together the past few days. Mercury moves fast through Taurus in anticipation of coming home to Gemini. Thoughts or seeds that get planted now, will bloom in full force very soon. So open your mind to new perspectives, you just might be surprised how these can change your life.

The love card today is In Between Worlds. The past is dark and lonely, the future looks very bright, you might even need to wear shades. However, you can't seem to quite break free. When we are looking for answers and guarantees in a relationship, especially a new one, we actually block our ability to grow and learn in the present moment. Let yourself just explore and learn and be curious. Whether this is a potential new lover, a new friend, new boss or co-worker, just detach and open your mind. Your intuition will guide you on what it is you need to learn in this particular situation. The 3 also represents our creativity, being guided by our creator. See if you can't introduce some creativity into this situation, even if it's just time outdoors in nature. This card also perfectly represents Venus being stuck in the Underworld with Pluto and seeing the light as she is heading towards Jupiter. Whatever this is for you will lighten up by the weekend.

The Goddess advice today is Gula and she brings with her Healing energy. Perhaps your bit of insight today allows you to finally heal an old wound that will let you move forward and stay in the present. This card represents healing ourselves as well as having the ability to heal others. The High Priestess will show which you need to do, and the way to heal any disagreement you currently seem to be embroiled in. She speaks very softly, so take time out today to hear what she has to say. The lesson is to learn to listen to your gut not your ego. The ego wants to satisfy a short term urge, wants to win and possess something, or someone. Your intuition just knows, from a space of calm, not a place of urgency.

The numerological energy today is a 5. This surprising change we experience is needed and helps us make a fresh start.

The astrological energy keeps pushing us out of our comfort zones. But the Moon will be in a sextile this morning with the Uranus/Mercury conjunction. This is what helps us tune into our intuition and see this disruption as something needed and necessary. Uranus of course is surprises, it rules Astrology, electricity, and networks. Mercury rules our communication, communication devices and the local community in general. Disruptions that occur at a community level are meant to bring you together not tear you apart. This is not a day for playing the blame game, or making judgements. It's about seeing the bigger picture, coming together and enacting change. Let me know if you get struck by a lightning bolt today!

Love and Light!

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