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Energycast May 6, 2019

May is off and running and we are back at Monday again! Venus and love and money will both be very active this week, with abundance in store for many.

Our general energy card is King of Cups/Summer. This is about being in control of our emotions today. If you are looking for a relationship this is the One. You are vibrating at a high frequency and able to attract in someone who also is vibrating at this same high frequency level of love. Open up your heart today and let it guide you. Decisions made from a place of love today will have a big payoff.

The relationship card is again the Fates. Somebody is hanging on too tightly to control in their relationships, so we got this card again today as a reminder that someone else is running the show. What we are in charge of is our reactions. So let go and let it flow. See what changes in your relationships today if you don't try to control the outcomes and stay in the present moment.

The action/advice today is from our Goddess Isis. Rebirth means if we want to stay in the relationships we have that they must go through a rebirth of some sort. This may apply to your relationship to yourself, or your relationship to others. If you are in any sort of co-dependent relationship it is time to break those chains. Today's energy will help you take actions from love not fear, which is what co-dependence is born from.

The numerological energy is a 6 which is why we have so many love messages today. Plus it is May 6th. So the 6 is prevalent. It is about finding our balance in our relationships, giving and receiving. Let that King of Cups in and receive his/her gifts today.

The astrological energy stirring up all this love? This week Venus will have a square with Pluto and Saturn. Meaning we are serious about love and money and we are ready for structure and transformation where both are concerned. Then on Thursday we have Venus trine with Jupiter and this brings good luck especially where Jupiter and Venus are in your chart! Today Mercury is at the last degree of Aries so your need to plan and organize will be heightened. The last degree of the sign is a critical point, like a warning sign, and takes extra awareness. Last but not least we still have Mars opposing Jupiter. That drive you feel to expand will help you accomplish your goals this week. Tap into it.

Love and Light!

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