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Energycast May 5, 2019

Happy Cinco de Mayo! Alright who actually knows what this day is all about? Besides an excuse to eat and drink Mexican food. Well it is actually about a small battle in Mexico where they defeated the French. Now it has become a symbol of Mexican heritage and a celebration in the United States. This is new moon in Taurus in my 9th house, I must seek education and be an educator. This concludes lesson #1. :)

Our general energy card is the 9 of Pentacles/Autumn. This is a day for reaping the rewards of your hard work, and they can come in the form of financial gain. Typically this is a day where you reward yourself. This is getting a massage, lounging by a pool, reading a book type of energy and gardening or chores be damned! It is time for some quiet alone time. So carve out a little of that for yourself today. Think about those seeds you planted yesterday and where they are going to take you.

The relationship energy today is the Fates. Oooh Karma is at hand today with the people you are interacting with. This is about coming together for life lessons, and they don't always feel good. Can you let your partner be who they are without trying to change them? Because you brought them into your life for a reason. We learn the most from pressure, awareness, and yes sometimes pain. It's like the creation of the diamond, it is more beautiful because of the pressure it endures in it's creation. So how do you lessen the pressure? Disengage from emotional triggers. See the lesson that is trying to form instead. The great news when we do that. The lesson/trigger disappears. What if the 'thing' that most triggers you in a fearful way never showed up in your mind or emotions again? What if you took your power back and stopped letting that 'thing' aka fear, stop controlling you? With the 9 of Pentacles energy you can make that happen. Be fiercely independent, let nothing and no fear hold you down.

The advice of our Goddess is a new one we haven't seen before. Elen has us taking a closer look at our Patterns. Which essentially is about the above triggers. Why do we keep repeating the same patterns? Because we are not yet ready to learn the lesson. This Celtic Goddess comes to show you that if you are capable of creating patterns, then you are capable of creating good one's too. Just look at how good you are at being ingrained in certain patterns in your life. Imagine if you applied that to breaking a pattern that no longer serves you?? Possibilities are endless if you just let them in.

The numerological energy is again an 11. This is a carryover from yesterday's new moon, and the light is still not shining yet on the moon. So go ahead and write those wishes down and plant them if you didn't yet. Once that moon shines bright again it will be time for those wishes to take to seed.

The astrological energy has Mars exactly opposite Jupiter at 23 degrees, which reduces to the number 5, and 5 is all about change. Mars wants action, Jupiter wants expansion. Wherever Jupiter is in your chart you have been being pushed to take some action. Some of us, say, with Jupiter in their 4th house and going retrograde were determined to do a house project. Combined with the New Moon energy and Voila you have a huge landscaping project complete. So where is Jupiter in your chart? This planet energy is one that rewards you, so you want to work with it. And it is going to be in this sector until October when it changes signs into Capricorn and then the hard work will really begin. I highly recommend a great health and exercise plan to get in shape before then!

Love and Light!

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