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Energycast May 4th, 2019

Yah yah yah May the 4th be with you too. I wonder how many times that will go around today? It is actually a great day for the force with the New Moon in Taurus today.

Our general energy card is the King of Pentacles, now this is exactly the card you want to see on a new moon. This speaks to prosperity and rewards, especially over the next 2 weeks! Get out your pen and paper and put down those new moon wishes for all things sensual, financial, romantical (yeah not a word but you know me). The King of Pentacles is slow and steady, he is financially sound, he make solids decisions, and he is very loyal. If you are looking for love, this is the kind of energy you can always count on to support you. This person has money, spends money and keeps making more money. Whatever your financial goals this will be a good day for taking steps to achieving them.

Our relationship energy is By the Book. This talks about having a traditional type of relationship. Perhaps your goal now is to take your relationship to the next level. You are in better alignment with one another because you have finally accepted each other just the way you are. As a result you both feel like you have found a place where you really belong. This could be a partner who has previously lost his way, made choices that were not by the book, and now is ready to make amends. Whoever this person is, it is safe to welcome them back into the fold.

The Goddess advice is Hecate, and she rules the in between. With this new moon we are offered a chance at new beginnings. The past no longer defines you, the future is still unwritten. You are being given a chance to define yourself as you want to be, perhaps you will see yourself as the King of Pentacles going forward. One of sound judgement, a money magnet, a prosperous soul. The choice is yours to define, so make it good!

The numerological energy of the cards has an 11:11 portal of manifestation. We are building our foundations for the future we want, not the past that holds us back. We are no longer defined by what we considered mistakes of the past. They are building blocks and we will be better, faster, stronger.

The astrological energy will have the new moon, at 3:45 pm PT. The Sun and Moon join at 14 degrees and 11 minutes. That makes for another 11:11 portal in our messages today. I cannot stress enough how important it will be to focus on what you want to create and not what makes you sad, fearful, unhappy, or stressed. What you focus on today you will get more of. The rest of the planets today are all just slightly out of touch. And I think that is the message. The orb, which is the degrees apart from the Sun and Moon, or the other planet contacts, are all sitting at their own point. Except for Jupiter and Pluto which are in a semi-sextile still. This is a long period of reinventing ourselves, taking our power back, and figuring out what we stand for. We are being pushed to transform, it is why all these heavy hitters and outer planets will be retrograde at the same time. Shortly Neptune will also join the crowd. Our creativity, our spirituality, self-empowerment, and structure, discipline, and our karma. You are going to see very clearly where you are out of balance, where you may be hurting others and yourself, and how to get back on track. Use the new moon energy to begin the work. Taurus rules hard work, determination, stubbornness, luxury, money, love and self-worth. Which of those areas could use a reboot? Maybe it's all. Whatever it is, write it down, 10 new moon wishes, and then go plant them in the ground. This is all about planting seeds today. You will be amazed at what you can grow. What you plant during this time has the potential to be very long lasting as well. So make sure you know exactly what you want, because you are going to get it.

Love and Light!

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