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Energycast May 30, 2019

And just like that we are almost 5 months through the year!! The more aware we are the faster time goes it would seem. And boy is there some awareness happening right now.

The general energy card is the 6 of Wands. This is a card of recognition, reward, and honor of some kind. You have successfully completed a challenge and now you are being noticed by those around you. This is a positive energy kind of day. Yay you! Good job!

The relationship energy is the same as yesterday, Loyal Heart. I knew even as I put this card away and shuffled the deck it would be coming back up. This means we aren't trusting this person or this situation and we need to. So review your thoughts and feelings about your partnerships today. If you drop all doubt just imagine how refreshing that would be?? Your energy levels would instantly improve because you are no longer wasting energy worrying about this particular situation. I don't know about you but I can always use a fresh energy source! Faith, trust and Pixie dust today peeps.

The Goddess energy is Iris, and she helps you communicate with the Universe. This will help you with your Loyal Heart situation. Her energy will help you know the right thing to say, in the right way, and at the right time. When we communicate with each other effectively we are both speaking and listening. This is the day you have been waiting for if you have been wanting to clear the air. As if by magic you will know exactly what to say and in a way that can be 'heard'.

The numerological energy is a 9. You are finally able to put something to rest and move on to the next great thing in life. This is you doing your victory lap and then getting ready to start the next quest.

The astrological energy fueling all of the above? Venus is still in her happy place with the North Node and South Node at 18 degrees. She is moving closer to her trine with both Saturn and Pluto. Issues from the past and lovers from the past are coming up now so you can clear them. Saturn says you are taking the things you value very seriously. This includes the self, love, money, and beauty. When Venus and Pluto come together this weekend passions run deep and you are taking your power back in the previously mentioned areas. These are lessons, these are people you signed up to have this lesson with, and I expect the outcome to be positive. When Saturn and Venus speak as part of Synastry (your 2 charts combined) this means a serious relationship. Saturn in one of your relationship houses the 7th and 8th for example, means you could marry someone older, or when you are older. The other activity that is a little bit more intense and affecting our communication with each other and the Universe is the tsquare between Mercury, Neptune and Jupiter. In order for all of these planet energies to get along something needs to change, your perspective, your communication style, your communication with the Divine. You need a purpose, you need something you are passionate about. You are no longer satisfied with just material gains. This is why Venus and Saturn are speaking in harmony. You are being pushed to question what your values are and in many cases change them completely. But don't get lost in misplaced judgement. This is your journey and no one else's. You do you, and let other's be themselves. All of this will lead us to the New Moon in Gemini. Once you are through this weekend you are ready for a new beginning in the Mercury ruled sign of Gemini. More on this later so come back to see my blog post.

Love and Light!

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