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Energycast May 3, 2019

I don't know about all of you but I sure am glad it's Friday!! Our crunchy bits will last into today and soften a bit with the New Moon tomorrow afternoon.

Our general energy card speaking of crunchy is the 8 of Swords/Winter. This is about being in our heads too much and trapping ourself in fear thoughts. The good news is we aren't really stuck and we can break free of these thoughts at any moment. It's a good day to not be in attack mode. Let this settle and resolve itself. If it isn't real, no action needs to be taken.

Our relationship goals say the best way through this energy is by being open and sharing our love with others. It really is true that when we are open and loving we are automatically unable to be in fear. Look for ways to share gifts with those you love. Even small little gestures will have a big impact.

The Goddess advice comes from Gula and is all about Healing. By being open and giving we can heal some wounds. We can use this energy to heal ourselves which allows us to heal our disagreements with others. Make the effort, you will be glad you did.

The numerological energy is an 8. Use your power to heal today.

The astrological energy still sees the moon in darkness, and this will last a few more days. If you are ruled by the Moon, Cancer Sun, Moon or Rising people, you might be feeling a bit out of sorts. But whatever is coming up for you, needs to be dealt with. Let it in and then let it out. By this evening the moon will pass over Uranus on it's way to meeting the Sun for the new moon tomorrow. Surprises might be instore!

Love and Light!

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