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Energycast May 2, 2019

What are you planning on getting your mom or yourself for Mother's Day?? Why not buy a gift certificate for a reading?? I will be offering 20% off my hour long sessions. Ever wonder how to best get along with your children or why they are so different? How to best motivate or communicate with them? It is all in their chart. A synastry reading overlays 2 charts together to see how your energy interacts. Contact me for more details!

Our general energy card is the Knight of Swords/Winter. Not as in command of his knowledge or communication skills like the King is, but boy is he fired up and ready to charge in and help you. Things are moving fast and problems are being solved today, and if you seek help and advice it's there. Even if you don't it is going to show up anyway. This is that person that just knows they have all the answers. So pack a little patience as you have these interactions. And if you think you know it all? Well you might want to bite your tongue for a second before you speak. Did they ask you? Or are you just over-sharing? Mercury at the 22 degree mark wants us to build things, so expect lot's of inspiration.

Our relationship goals are again A Leg Up. Alright, who didn't ask for help yesterday when they really needed to?? Repeater cards mean someone out there isn't listening and needs another tap on the shoulder. But seriously, if you are spending endless hours of frustration trying to solve something on your own, don't. This is a day for asking for help, especially where our partners are concerned. And if you don't usually ask for help, and suddenly you do, your partner will feel very much appreciated. Since we have sword energy they probably won't take out the garbage, but they will gladly share their brain power with you.

The Goddess advice today is from Gaia, who represents Earth and groundedness. Have you been feeling a bit lost and out of control? This is a reminder to stop, pause and listen to what your body needs. Literally ask it. What does it need? More water, more vegetables, more exercise, more fresh air? This card is coming up to call your attention to yourself. Your inner self in particular. Yes it is nice to dress up on the outside, but if the inside is all messed up then it is all for show and not sustainable. Even long wearing lipstick and 24 hour deodorant has an expiration time! So do something to clean up the earth today or your inner earth. You will feel so much better when you do!

The numerological energy is a 6, more love and balance to look forward to.

The astrological energy of the day sees Venus with the Moon, which is fairly dark if you can see it in the sky. Our emotions around love, beauty and money aren't as charged up as they usually are with this monthly conjunction. You aren't really sure how you feel or what the next step should be. You just know you feel really driven to take some sort of action. But don't take action in the dark. Wait for the New Moon this weekend, and then wait for the light of the moon to show again. Mercury is making all kinds of contacts right now. Mars is pushing the need for action on our projects and in how we communicate. But the contact with Jupiter in retrograde says its time to go back over your plans, look at the details again, and think before we speak. You could really go over the top right now if you are not careful, so let Pluto and Saturn be your guides, there is karma to clear up. The new moon will help you release something from the past so your new or revised plan can unfold for you in love, beauty and money, and especially self worth! Look for my blog on that shortly.

Love and Light!!

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