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Energycast May 29, 2019

It is time to see things from a new point of view. The rest of the week we will be guided to do this in a big way, and today is a glimpse into what we need to see.

Our general energy card is the Hanged Man. This is about taking time for some serious contemplation and seeing if in doing so you gain a different perspective. This card shows up when we have been stuck, when we refuse to see the other person's point of view. It isn't necessarily a day where we are taking action on the new point of view, in fact we might not even truly see it until very late in the day. Just know there is something new and different about today and your circumstances that you want to tune in for. And sometimes only when we close our eyes can we truly see.

The relationship energy is Loyal Heart. This means the people you are interacting with today can be trusted. If your heart is loyal, then so is their's. This could be a clue into the lesson of the Hanged Man. If you stopped fearing trust, things might look a whole lot different. What if the stories in your head are just that stories? What if this person is just quiet because they are working through some big things in their life in order to be a better partner for you, not because they are off galavanting with other people? Let go a bit and just trust, trust yourself, trust your partners, trust your co-workers. Most importantly trust that the Universe has brought this person to you for a reason, and you don't need to question why. If you meet someone new this week it is an important relationship with the potential for being very long term. If you declare your love for each other this week the same is true as well. Big happenings with Venus and the serious planets later in the week.

The Goddess energy is Mnemosyne who helps us see the past for what it is the past. The contemplation today is about the past, but not so you can regret it, so you can learn from it and move forward. There are lessons in the past we can learn and then make different choices in the future. It is a matter of stating, because that happened, because I made that choice, I learned something and now I know better, or I want better. Don't criticize just detach and learn. This is the best way to spend anytime in the past. If you find yourself being pulled to the past it is either because you still have a lesson to learn, or you still harbor fear about it. This is a good day to understand the difference. Release the fear and take the lesson with you.

The numerological energy today is a very strong 11 message. This is an 11 day as 29 reduces to 11, and the cards add up to the same. 11's are portals for manifesting your desires. It is critical energy also, the 29. So pay close attention to your thoughts, you just might get what you wish for.

The astrological energy has the fate train coming to the station with Venus on board. This represents a positive change in the area of love, beauty, money, and our self-worth. This is why new relationships could be for the long haul. New jobs appear as if out of nowhere, new income streams, new partnerships. And as the Loyal Heart card above shows, whatever this new opportunity is, you can trust it to be genuine and for your highest good. This will be with us for several days now. What are you hoping the fate train will bring you? Comment below and put it out into the Universe to make it appear.

Love and Light!

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