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Energycast May 26, 2019

If you are feeling a little drained the cards say hang in there, things are about to shift again and you will want to be ready.

Our general energy card is the 9 of Gabriel/Wands. This is what has you feeling a bit overwhelmed. There is one final push that is needed to finish off your project. You have been working so hard to get here, so don't give up now. The 9's bring completion, which means we are about to have a new beginning. Someone said to me recently there are no endings without new beginnings and there are no new beginnings without something ending. This is just the latest in that cycle. Don't give up on this, it will be worth it in the end.

The relationship energy is our friend chaos and conflict, which is yet another reminder that there is a purpose to anything that is causing friction in your relationships. You need to take a step back and see what that is. You are almost there, you are almost done figuring this out. This card showing up again is a reminder to keep peeling back the layers, get to the real picture, not the mirage you see in front of you. Keep digging, don't give up. There is something beautiful there for you to uncover.

The Goddess energy is Demeter, the Nurturer. This is a reminder to both nurture yourself and others. If you are feeling stuck take a look at where this is out of balance. Are you spending so much time on yourself that you have little to nothing to give to others? Or is it that you are giving so much of yourself that you have nothing left for you. Nurturing means giving love in it's purest form. It is not giving of physical things, it is giving from your heart and soul. You deserve to be loved, and they loving has to begin with self love. No one can love you if you don't already love yourself. Finish up whatever is getting in the way of you being back in balance. Demeter is showing up to remind you to follow the path of the North Node in Cancer. Shortly Mars will give you a little extra push as he marches closer to the Node. Rest assured you will find your wellness again.

The numerological energy is an 8. Our strength today lies in the path of love in our relationships. We are manifesting the love we want, but we have to make the effort for it to happen.

The astrological energy has the Moon center stage today. Mars is separating from Uranus but still in positive flow and today the Moon will trine Mars and sextile over to Uranus. Your emotions might just take you by surprise today. It's positive energy, I would interpret this as a good outcome, but surprising none the less. The square between the Sun and the Moon means we need to make a change. So whatever the positive energy brings up for you today, it is meant to get you to take some action, to turn a corner of some kind which helps you on your intended path. The Moon is in dreamy watery emotional Pisces. Depending on how you react with water energy, you might be overly emotional, overly tired, and perhaps very psychic. It is a great day for tuning in and paying attention to your intuition. There is an important message working hard to get through and you won't want to miss it.

Love and Light.

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