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Energycast May 25, 2019

There is this sense of something just under the surface, starting to bubble up, and ready to break free. But will you let it?

Our general energy card is the Knight of Gabriel/Wands. This is a day for fast moving action, for passion and for creativity. You are charging straight ahead, you know what you want and you aren't taking no for an answer. If you have been wanting to get something off the ground, today is a good day to take the first step. You could be swept up in the moment today, which is okay, but try not to take anything too seriously. If this is a romance things are moving fast, just make sure you are both on the same page.

The relationship energy is exchanging gifts. We are open to giving and receiving in our partnerships. This is the ideal, being able to be open and share with each other. When we let others in they actually feel loved. You don't have to do anything more than that, you are giving the gift of your heart and soul, and that is priceless. If things have been a bit out of balance then this is a good reminder to bring those scales back into alignment. Do something extra special for the one you love today.

The Goddess energy is Mama Killa, representing the Moon. This is the energy of the Knight of Gabriel, our creativity. About every 28 days the moon completes another cycle, and her message is that your life is also about cycles. We are always changing, always shifting gears. Pay attention to what gear you are actually in, stop trying to make one fit that doesn't. You cannot get up that hill if there is no tension on your chain. You will just spin the flywheel and go nowhere. Like the moon we want to work with the cycles, like the farmers do when they are planting crops. There is a right time for everything, and right now it is a time for you to tap into your creativity. You are putting the pieces together, you are building something you can believe in, be committed to. Whatever it takes for you to get your energy up, do it. From that place you will find some inspiration, and then let the creative juices fly.

The numerological energy today is the 6, which is always the perfect energy when we are exchanging gifts.

The astrological energy has Mars moving off of Chiron, he has shown us how to heal that wound and is moving on after his possibly abrupt lesson. Now the Sun steps in with a sextile to Chiron, inspiring you to follow through, lighting the way for you. This will give you the courage you need to continue forward on your journey. The Chiron journey is not a fast fix, but once you have seen the wound, you can't ignore it any longer. This day moves you one step forward without any fear of taking 2 steps back.

Love and Light!

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