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Energycast May 24, 2019

TGIF!! There is a bit of wind blowing around, mixing and stirring the pot and helping you to get unstuck. Will you let it?

The general energy card is the 10 of Gabriel/Wands. This shows up when we are just absolutely overwhelmed and ready to be finished with a long drawn out project, relationship, or task. Emotionally we are done! The good news is, we are actually done. This is the end of the line and now you can put your load down and walk away. You have done all you can for this person, for this situation. It is time to give this energy back to yourself and do something just for you. It's the end of the week, it's the end of a long journey and you deserve a rest.

The relationship energy is A Leg Up, which means you will have someone that will help you lighten your load today. Feeling like you can't quite finish whatever this is on your own? Then you will have help, but you must first be open to asking for help. Then you have to actually accept it. If you push others away today, then this burden will become too much to bear, get it bear?? When your ruler is Mercury and he is in his home sign, and he is a trickster you get jokes, lots of jokes. Don't shoot the messenger, get it messenger? Yes Mercury we get it, you are the messenger. Ok moving on now....The great thing about asking for help, especially when you are a go it alone kind of person, is this builds a bond in your relationship. So be open, be vulnerable today, see how this helps you get closer.

The Goddess message is a repeater from yesterday. So you must have started to explore something yesterday and today you are digging in a little more. This mastery is achieved by finishing your task from the 10 of Wands above. This is reassurance that it will all be worth it in the end. The 10 reduces to the one and means new beginnings are possible when you close this door. Asking for help is also a step closer to mastery. Follow the advice of the cards today and your new skills will get you recognized.

The numerological energy is a 7. This is a time for introspection, and allowing for divine downloads. Make time for going within.

The astrological energy still sees us working to heal a rift or a wound with the square between Mars and Chiron. You are taking a turn here, completely about to change direction. Brexit is Mars square Chiron. This festering conflict, this open wound and sore, it had to be healed and action had to be taken. Hmmm I wonder if Ms May had this in her 10th house of career and fame?? The energy makes things possible, but you must take the actions necessary to heal. So are you? Venus and the Moon will be in a square today as well. We need to make changes in how we relate to one another, how we treat our money, our love partners and ourself. Watch out for these emotional triggers today, they are trying to show you something important.

Love and Light.

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