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Energycast May 23, 2019

Hang in there peeps we are one step closer to a long weekend! Things are still a little weird, but the possibilities are endless.

Our general energy card is Solutions, which is the Temperance card in the traditional Tarot. This is a card of finding our emotional balance. Things are not always horrible and things are not always great. The goal of this card is to feel good no matter what is going on around you. Stop looking at the negative in your situations. See the beauty in it instead, and I promise you there is beauty. And when you focus on that one little thing with all your might instead of what you are letting trigger you, then you will be free. We cannot break free from being a victim, a complainer, a negative thinker unless we stop the negative talk. Stop the posting about how awful so and so was, stop repeating the situation 10 times a day to whoever will listen. Instead get whatever it is off your chest, and then talk about what you want to see happen instead. I wish I could find peace with this situation. And last but certainly not least pray for this person's or this situations happiness. Because you are connected if you replace hate with love the pain will cease. The two cannot coexist, and being in a place of hate and anger and frustration blocks you from receiving love from the Universe. So let it go. Find your center, and free yourself today.

The relationship energy is a repeater card, man we do not want to take off our rose colored glasses. This means things in our relationships, even with ourselves, might get a little dicey today. Chaos and conflict is meant to move us forward not keep us stuck. Open your eyes and see this situation from a place of balance so you can move on.

The Goddess energy is Saraswati, and the message is Mastery. All of the above takes practice. Unless you are a Master Yogi or Buddha you probably aren't going to flip a switch and instantly find your balance. So take those baby steps. Do one thing differently when you get triggered today. For starters, take a deep breath and put yourself in a time out. If someone reaches out to you to vent, don't feed the flames, don't add to the fire. Listen, but don't escalate. Misery loves company for a reason, negativity breeds like a bad case of chicken pox! Be the calamine lotion instead of the person who helps scratch that itch. Ooh can someone get that spot on my back for me?? Ok well you can help with just one spot but not all of them! Practice finding your balance today, breaking patterns, and see what shifts for you.

The numerological energy is a 1, which means new beginnings! This says we will be successful in mastering our triggers.

The astrological energy stirring this all up today is still Mars, Uranus and Mercury sitting at 4 degrees. Then we have the square between Mars and Chiron. This means we are taking a turn, perhaps our new beginning, that moves us from hurt to being healed. Whatever wound this is we are ready to see it for what it really is. We are tired of being held back in life by this 'thing' that we allow to suck us in and make us think we don't deserve better. We do, we really do. Mars helps you take action in a loving way while in Cancer. I think this is showing us that the relationship card is about our relationship with ourself. We don't have to live in fear of our shortcomings. Because in reality there are no shortcomings, there is just something that is a part of us and we have to decide how much energy we want to keep giving this part. Imagine your life if you no longer paid any attention to the one thing that you keep feeling like is lacking in your life. What if you just go live and enjoy life and don't hold yourself back any longer because you aren't this distorted version of who you think you should be. There is absolutely zero you can do about your past, except apologize if you have hurt someone, send love to the people who hurt you, and then live in the present moment. If you do those 3 things, you will find your balance. There is nothing wrong with you, you are exactly where you are meant to be. Accept this, and now start over. This is a day for new beginnings after all.

Love and Light.

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