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Energycast May 22, 2019

Happy Hump Day! We are full of brilliant ideas, surprises, and the need to take action. Pay attention to those off the wall thoughts you get today.

The general energy card is the High Priestess which is no surprise on a day where we have Uranus, Mercury and Mars all sitting at 4 degrees. The 4 is foundations, home and family. We are being given some downloads today via our intuition on what our next steps are. This is meant to shake things up and put you on the path that you are meant to be on. The planets are in a harmonious alignment so I don't expect violent shaking, but that depends on how far off your path you are or how hard headed you are being. If it is answers you seek then all you need to do is tune in.

The relationship energy says the shakeups are happening there. This chaos and conflict that occurs is pushing you to see the truth about someone in your life, whether this be at work or personal. Seeing the real picture will help you decide on what action is needed in this situation and help you get un-stuck.

The Goddess energy is Skuld and she is here to help you see what the Future could potentially be like when you make these necessary changes. If you want something to change in your current circumstances you need to change. You need to get moving, you need to move from Victim to Victor, you need to take off those rose colored glasses that keep you stuck. You will be shown something important and it will help you see the future you want to create. Tune in.

The numerological energy is a 9, this situation is done serving it's purpose. This chapter is closing and you are moving on.

The astrological energy as mentioned above has Uranus bringing aha moments, Mercury translating these thoughts and creating a plan, then Mars is ready to execute them. Mars is in Cancer which is the 4th house of the zodiac and they are all at 4 degrees. Hmmm I am sensing a theme here. We are finding ways to be loving and nurturing. Ways to incorporate taking care of ourselves so we can better take care of others. We are building a stronger foundation for the future. Mars in particular is at a degree in Cancer where he wants to right a wrong, he will be your benefactor on this day. The Moon is in Capricorn and sweeping across the South Node, Saturn and Pluto for the next few days. I think you are tired of feeling nothing, you want to feel love or be loving again and this is what pushes you to act. Let this emotional transformation happen, let go that past that no longer serves you.

Love and Light.

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