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Energycast May 21, 2019

If you thought your mind was lit up yesterday just wait for today. We also have Mars very active in the sky today, all working to move you forward, finally.

The general energy card is the 3 of Raphael/Cups. This is a time for coming together and celebrating. The cups represented a journey of love. Ace is new love, the two is realizing this is your soulmate, and the 3 then realizes there is a reason you were brought together, you inspire one another to be the best you can be. And that is cause for celebration. Now whether your soulmate is a friend or lover doesn't really matter. Today the energy suggests you celebrate together, it is not a day for going it alone.

The relationship energy is another day of Yin. We are still looking at where we want to go, not ready to take action, letting others come to us and show us their cards. Be choosy, don't chase, but don't go all passive aggressive either. Mars is Yang energy and Venus is Yin. Venus is very confident in her home sign of Taurus, she knows what she is worth and isn't willing to settle for anything less. You can exude confidence when you are in a Yin state that makes you very attractive.

The Goddess energy is Lakshmi. When we celebrate our partnerships, when we are open and receptive, we will be rewarded. You are doing the work, you are no longer fighting the energy and needing to be redirected. From this place you are a part of the flow and the universe is unfolding in ways you never imagined before. Stay on your path, and if you are not on the path and things are harding than they need to be, then get back on it. Do you know your path is in your astrology chart? It shows you exactly what you came here to do, and what you already did in a past life time. If you feel lost and unfulfilled it is a great place to start.

Numerological energy is a 5 today. We have tapped into our creativity, built our new foundation and we are now ready to make a change for the good.

Astrological energy today is pretty yummy actually. The Moon and Mars are in an opposition today, but Mars is in the Moon's home sign. So the warrior is learning about how to focus on home and family while the Moon is seeing there is more than just home and family, there is a need for getting the work done in Capricorn, so you can support that family. Oppositions are a teeter totter of power, trying to find that perfect balance point between the two. Remember how you used to scoot forward or backwards until you could get it to sit perfectly still in the middle? That is the energy of the opposition. It is peaceful in the middle. So you can either use your power to overcome the other and bump them off, or stay Yin and find middle ground. Chiron is squaring both Mars and the Moon in the early part of the day. This means we need to make a change, turn a corner on our healing or take a new approach in how we help others heal. The aha moment will come from the Sun conjunct Mercury at the 0 degree point of Gemini. This can be a really great day for leaving the past in the past, starting over and moving forward once and for all.

Love and Light!

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