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Energycast May 20, 2019

Our minds will be lit up for the next few days in a very big way. You will see things more clearly than you ever have before if you can just slow down and pick out the important thoughts from the fear thoughts.

The general energy card is the Queen of Michael/Swords. This is a woman who knows her stuff! She is organized, she is detail oriented and she is a perfect mentor. She is a little too focused on the work, and not so much on people connections. This is the Sun conjunct with Mercury energy. You have the ability to use your mind in a way that moves something you desire forward. This connection is very powerful and can make your mind absolutely race. If you have trouble controlling your thoughts just know that is this connection and it will pass in a few days. It is a great time for a yoga practice, or anything that requires your focus and attention and holds your minds attention. So maybe not the best days for meditating because you will feel out of control. Do not stress in this energy, use it for what you need to get figured out. Push away the anxious thoughts with a nice little flick of the hand on the shoulder. Thank you next, and let it go.

The relationship energy says we should not push for action on all these thoughts. We need time to sort them out. We are meant to be in a place of Yin. We are receiving, maybe a lot right now, but shouldn't act until we are sure. Not in a way that is controlling an outcome, but in a way where we are grounded and know what decision serves us best. A few more days before you make this emotional decision will not hurt anything, so just be patient.

The Goddess energy is Skuld and she represents the Future. This is the reward when we stay in a place of Yin and do not try to control outcomes or predict the future. In the present moment as you make choices that are for the good of all involved, magical little miracles start to unfold for you. Don't lament the past and don't try to predict the future, especially with any doom and gloom thoughts. Life is unfolding as it should, if you will stop doubting and just let it unfold. Easy for me to say I know, but this is gonna be good, so let it in.

The numerological energy is the 4. We are in a phase of rebuilding our structures, our foundations for a better future.

The astrological energy has the Sun at 29 degrees and conjunct with Mercury at 28 degrees. If you follow my articles you know the 29 degree is very potent and why our mind is going to be on fire. Those Taurean things you have been mulling over all month will light up and give you an answer to something you have been working on. Then both these planets will move into Gemini which does rule the mind and making decisions and this is going to keep you busy busy busy thinking and organizing and planning. You list people might want to go out and buy a new notebook! So much action can make some a bit anxious. Take time out if you feel overwhelmed. Step away from whatever is getting you anxious, call a friend, or get some exercise. It is an intense couple of days, but can be very productive.

Love and Light!

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