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Energycast May 19, 2019

How were your full moon encounters? The moon has moved off into Sagittarius today and has us up for some spontaneous adventures.

The general energy card is the High Priestess, this is a day of listening to our intuition. A day of knowing what you need to know and exactly when you need to and not a moment sooner. The 2 also represents balance and partnerships. What shows up for you in those areas is important so pay attention. I think you will be very glad you did.

The relationship energy is Neverending Story. From the looks of this card you might think it's all doom and gloom, but in reality it means you are ready to finish this book and start on a new one, a much better one with the potential for a happy ending. The card above is going to show you where the story you have been telling yourself is deluding you. The story that has been holding you back is fiction. When we create a version of the truth that only feeds our fear or feeds our negativities, it eventually must come to an end. It is time to open a new book with fresh clean pages and write the story about the life you want to be living, not the one you don't. You can create your Happily Ever After.

The Goddess energy is Gula, which brings healing to our relationships. This is one of those days where we can heal the rifts we have created. Look at things from a new perspective, and forgive those who we feel have wronged us. If you have been called to begin a healing practice, this might be a day where you receive some insight on the next steps you should take. This is also a good day to tune in and ask your body what it needs to heal. Good food, rest, exercise, maybe just a nice long walk. Whatever it is, today you are able to hear the answers.

Our numerological energy is still the 3. This is a great day to dive into something that inspires you. Gardening, painting, learning astrology. Do whatever you do to get in touch with what inspires you.

The astrological energy still has Uranus and Venus conjunct allowing for surprises where love and money are concerned. The North Node, South Node and Neptune still all connected at the 18 degree point, helping us on our karmic path. And the moon has moved out of dark Scorpio and into much brighter and faster energy in Sagittarius. This is where we have a desire for adventure and fun and excitement. Why we might be called to get in touch with our creative side and tuning in more to our intuition. The energy is much lighter today, so enjoy!

Love and Light!

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