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Energycast May 17, 2019

When Venus and Uranus's electric. Come on you know you are all now doing the Electric Slide. Nice moves! This means we are in for some surprises that will improve our partnerships.

The general energy card is the 3 of Autumn/Pentacles. Maybe after the Sun leaves Taurus we will start seeing some different energy, but with all the planets that are there right now it is no coincidence that we keep getting the suit of money. This card represents a coming together, a mentor who guides you, the completion of a project. Which of course lines up with the full moon energy as well. This is a good day to reach out to someone who is an expert in the field to help raise your skills to the next level. There could even be some compensation for your skills.

The love energy is Breathe. Isn't this a pretty card, it makes you want to pause and do just that, breathe. You don't need to know all the answers right now. Your soul is doing the work. Whatever is boggling your mind, let the full moon work it out, and just unplug. From this place of peace you will begin to understand what has been going on in a particular relationship.

The Goddess energy, and I cannot make this stuff up, is Morrighan, which of course is all Scorpio. Death and Magic is Pluto who is the ruler of Scorpio, and our ability to let something die so it, or we can be reborn again. Don't hang on to what does not serve you. Let this die. What is going to reborn out of the ashes is so much better for you in the end. This could be the Uranus/Venus surprise. So if something comes up and is like being blindsided, remember the advice, just Breathe.

The numerological energy is a 6, which means love is guiding us on this day and we will find peace and harmony.

The astrological energy as mentioned has Venus conjunct Uranus, the Moon standing across the sky in Scorpio coming to fullness tomorrow. But the effects will be felt now and you can read my full blog on this page as well for some details. The trine with the North Node and Neptune gives this day a bit of a dreamy quality, along with the sextile over to the South Node. Saturn is within two degrees and moving back towards an exact sextile with Neptune as well. There is something you need to take a second look at where ever these 2 planets are in your chart. The sextile is supportive energy, and Saturn is the ruler of Karma. You may be able to clear something up in a positive way that has been holding you back. Could be a meeting with a soulmate as well. Maybe this is the big surprise. Do share what great things come up for you this weekend.

Love and Light!

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