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Energycast May 16, 2019

We are feeling the love, or at least we really know what we want from love and we are not willing to accept any kind of copycat. Mars entered Cancer today where we are taking action on being loving and nurturing, and maybe eating a little too much comfort food!! Be warned and pull out the stretchy jeans!

Our general energy card is the 5 of Winter/Swords. The 5 represents a need for change and the Swords represent a change of mind. You are seeing things much more clearly in your association with a person or group, and quite frankly you are done with the nonsense. If this is you the holder of the 5 swords you are not being honest with either yourself or others. Sure you may have won some sort of battle, but at what cost? Was it really worth it? Can you look at yourself in the mirror proudly? You have a chance to choose again and right a wrong or permanently walk away from something or someone that no longer serves you. Mars gives you the strength you need.

The love energy is Why. Oh man I know those of you who like to know everything, and don't like surprises, and need to know when when when, will not like seeing this card. Whatever is happening in your relationships right now is happening for a reason. People will continue to be removed from your life that no longer serve you. North Node has been in Cancer for awhile, bringing us situations and people that better serve us in a loving way. Now add Mars to the mix and you can no longer ignore the knock at the door. If something needs to change you are about to be shown what it is, and you will know Why, when you need to know. Just trust there is a plan and it is about to unfold. Maybe in a quite shocking way.

The Goddess energy of Lakshmi says that when you are genuine and honest you will be rewarded. Honor matters, and especially honoring yourself. You deserve to be both recognized and rewarded for your hard work. Success doesn't just fall in your lap, you work to get where you are. Tap into this energy to help you face some obstacle even if it is just in your own head. At the end of the day you can expect some sort of achievement.

The numerological energy is a 9. This means we are ready to bring something to a conclusion today. We are closing a door so a new one can open.

The astrological energy will see the Moon (our emotions, our intuition) in a trine with Mars (our passion, our energy, our drive). They are both in water signs. The moon doesn't particularly like being in Scorpio, it's a little dark there and the water is a bit murky. But Mars helps the Moon face it's deepest fears today and come out victorious. This is the Lakshmi energy. There will be a lot of surprises in Love, Money, Self-Worth, as Venus is sextile Mars and opposing the Moon. Venus is home now in Taurus and loving life and loving on Mars and maybe not seeing the big picture. The Moon is standing across the sky saying listen up sister, you can't just ignore your intuition. Something isn't right and you need to pay attention to that guy Mars with the 5 swords who isn't doing something right for you. (Don't you guys wish you had my imaginary planet friends to play with like I do?? lol). Uranus is going to give Venus a bit of a wakeup call this weekend. Along with a Full Moon on Saturday things are going to be very emotional and very surprising. Don't say I didn't warn you!

Love and Light!

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