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Energycast May 11, 2019

There is just something about a sunny Saturday that makes it that much more special. Today we have some surprises in store, pushing us forward on our path in very rewarding ways.

Our general energy card is Life Experience, which is the Tower card in traditional Tarot decks. This means that the path you have been on has a small detour for you. If you are way off your path the detour might be a bit bigger. Just have faith and know any sudden changes in direction are purposeful and meant to move you forward. Surprise doesn't have to be negative. This could be a day full of happy surprises as well. The key is to just remain open to the unexpected, and don't over react to things that change your plans. Note to self: things will show up to mess up your plans. It's going to be ok you OCD freak. :)

Love energy is the Between Worlds card. Something is showing up for you today pushing you forward. You don't quite know what is coming, but you can feel it is something really good and positive. Don't allow yourself to stay stuck in limbo, it really serves you absolutely no purpose. You can live in the past, daydream about the future, or start living in the now. I recommend option number 3. If what is going on right now in your relationships isn't making you happy, then perhaps it is time to walk away from them, or at least stop over investing time and energy in them. You should be happy with who you are with right now, not if they would only do this one thing different. If you can't be happy with someone at their worst, don't stay. By 2020 you will find yourself extremely uncomfortable in any type of relationship that is co-dependent. Best to take the steps to increase your own self-worth so you don't need someone else to make you feel safe and secure.

The Goddess advice is Iris and she wants us to focus on Communication in all shapes and forms. This is paying attention, hello Tower card, to what the Universe is trying to tell you. This is you paying attention to how you talk to yourself and the Universe, goodbye negative self talk. This is also you getting your message out there. Are you writing a book, a blog, an influencer, or want to be any of the above? This is a great day to get started or finishing up a project you have been working on. Last but not least, Iris will help you know exactly what to say to get something out there that you have been struggling with. Just tune in and you will find the perfect channel for your message.

Numerological energy is still a 5! Yah that Tower card isn't messing around today. Change you will. Thanks Yoda.

Astrological energy causing all this ruckus? The Sun is in a Trine with Saturn and the South Node. Saturn rewards you when you have been listening and following the rules. The South Node with Saturn can release you from some past Karma. This could be felt as a sudden lifting or burden coming off of your shoulders. A lightness in your heart. A person who appears as if out of nowhere to suddenly send your life in a new direction. The Sun is also still in a Sextile to the North Node. There is a definite karmic energy to the day. Watch and see how miracle unfolds for you. This could turn out to be a point in your life you look back at and go WOW, I never expected "that"to lead me to where I am right now.

Love and Light.

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