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Energycast May 1, 2019

Rabbit Rabbit! May you get it 'may' you have good luck all month long. You might need it with all the retrograde energy going on!

The general energy card is the King of Swords/Winter. This is someone who gives you sage advice about the next step you need to take. The advice won't necessarily be warm and fuzzy, but it will be on point. Swords rule the mind and our communication skills, so they can both be very sharp today. If it is answers you seek, and you want real answers, not smoke blown up your you know what, then you will get it today. This also means we ourselves are doing a great job at critical thinking. If it is just the advice from a higher power you seek, then you will also clearly see the answers.

Our relationship goals are the Leg Up card. This goes perfectly with the card above. When we seek help today, and we will, and we should, we will receive it. The goal of this day is asking for help. Now you can continue to just waste time and energy being sure you know it all and you don't need anyone else telling you what to do. Or, you can drop the BS, stop acting from ego, and get help. Listen if up until this point what you have been trying isn't working, then why not seek advice from someone else and approach whatever this obstacle is from a new perspective. The hard part is always just starting, but once you do, then you are in the flow and everything unfolds for you naturally.

The Goddess Lakshmi says fortune is ours when we let our guards down and accept the advice given us today. So make a decision for change today. Your skills will herald you great rewards, just be sure to share those rewards with others. Maybe you will be the mentor today and sharing your advice so others may succeed. Good news is Rabbit Rabbit energy is going to work! Maybe this is a good day to spend a dollar on a lottery jackpot as well!

Our numerological energy is an 8, this is the number of power, achievement, leadership and success. It is also the infinity symbol on its side, this means your power is endless, just need to tap into it.

The astrology report today is well a bit on the crunchy side, which is why we don't want to go it alone today! We have the North Node, Saturn, South Node, Mercury and Mars all sitting at 20 degree point today. This of course reduces to the number 2, which means our relationships are on high alert today. Mercury has been moving full steam ahead trying to get the heck out of dodge after a very long season in Pisces. Now he has a nice meet up with Mars who is encouraging the fast paced movement, and perhaps a little recklessness. Then along comes the heavy hitters, Pluto and Saturn, both in retrograde so moving extremely slowly and telling these 2 planets to slow down! Pay attention to what you learned in Pisces and do the work. We are being asked to break our patterns, not repeat them. If you are heading down the same path again, today you will be called to make a change. You cannot keep repeating the past, it is time to open up to new structures, new situations, and from that place you will reap the rewards. You are breaking patterns, even if they are just thought patterns. When you do that you will have a new found freedom. In fact the new moon in Taurus is going to give you some insight to what the future is going to be like, let's just say I think your gonna need shades.

Love and Light!

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