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Energycast March 9, 2019

Sweet Saturday has arrived, and it really is looking like a great day.

The general energy card today is the Knight of Cups/Water. This is your knight in shining armor who swings in to sweep you off your feet. You may feel like this is love at first sight even. But slow your roll there and just make sure you don't have those rose colored glasses on. The Knight likes to make a big show, he is looking to make an impression, and isn't always the best at follow through. He is about making conquests. When interacting with this type of energy today you need to remain grounded and real, whether you are on the giving or the receiving end of things. You are feeling emotional, loving and happy. But is it just for the moment or is there depth here. Give this one time before you commit heart and soul to the person or the endeavor.

The Love energy says we are to Take a Chance on Love, so perhaps this is the real deal. The only caution is to make sure you are looking ahead not at the past. Even if an old love was to enter your life, you need to focus on where you want to go, not on where you have been. This Mercury retrograde will continue to stir up past loves, especially if you have Mercury in your 5th or 7th house right now. A successful transit sees you taking off the rose colored glasses, accepting this person as they are right now, and then deciding to move forward. But if you think for one second I will be happy when they stop doing this, or start doing that....then this is best left in the past. Assume they are not changing. Can you change your mindset instead?

Our Goddess card today is Saraswati in the challenge position. Upright she speaks of being masters of our creativity. In this position she is basically saying we have been slacking off. This is the Knight who is living on his past accomplishments but not making enough effort in the here and now. Whatever you have been meaning to study, project you have been meaning to complete, this is a nudge to do so. We do not grow by sitting still, we grow by taking action. And this is in perfect alignment with our astrological and numerological energies today.

The numerological energy is a 5. Here is the thing about change, it can happen to you or you can make it happen. The latter is much easier to deal with and accept, because it means you are in control.

The astrological energy is all about taking action. We have the planet Mercury finally off that 29 degree mark, so things will start to calm down just a bit. But remember Uranus is still at the 0 degree mark and moving very slowly so there will continue to be surprises and upheavals in this area of your chart. But the great news for this weekend is you will want to take action on your dreams, which is exactly the advice of Saraswati above. The Sun/Neptune still in a conjunction, highlighting our dreams. The two then form a sextile to Mars, and a sextile to Pluto, which means Mars and Pluto make a trine. Ok so maybe you didn't take geometry class, but needless to say that is a lot of positive energy going on, but you have to take some action to bring it to life. We have our ego, our spirituality, our drive and our self-empowerment all lined up to serve you today. So what are you going to do with it?? Don't waste this. Anything you need to get off the ground this weekend is giving you an opportunity to put in some of the leg work. It might not officially launch until Mercury is moving forward again, but you have to gain some of the momentum for this now. And the key to what it is lies with your new moon message. So go back and read that now if you haven't already.

Love and Light!

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