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Energycast March 8, 2019

TGIF!! What a week it has been too. Those ruled my Mercury might be about ready to lose their minds. But soon Mercury will get off this 29 degree point and a little relief will be had.

Our general energy card is the Dreamer, which is the Fool and the beginning of the journey in the Tarot. This speaks to new beginnings, fresh starts, leaps of faith, and trust. In order to start out fresh you must leave the baggage of the past behind. The main character in this journey takes nothing with him but a knapsack and his dog. He knows whatever else he needs on his journey will be provided for him. The message then is for you to have faith today and be willing to try something new. In fact if you are presented with an opportunity out of the blue today go for it. This is in perfect alignment with being able to see the light of the New Moon now as well. So whatever area was highlighted for you today, expect some sort of activity to occur.

The love energy is Look to your Inner Strength. This tells me where our relationships are concerned we need to do something that is outside our comfort zone. Whether ending a relationship, starting a new one that scares you, or setting boundaries, you have what it takes to make this work for you. Ask for help in this area and it is given today. Based on the Dreamer card above again if you have an opportunity to pursue something brand new in love this is a sign to do so.

The action/advice card is our Goddess White Buffalo Calf Woman. Her message is Reverence. This is a message of seeking peace with one another. Forgiveness is the message. Today we need to drop our egos. This does not mean you have to welcome someone back into your life, you can forgive them and release them. Or you can forgive them, take that leap of faith, use your inner strength and start again. However, the latter choice has to be truly divinely guided, otherwise when Mercury moves forward again this will likely fall apart. Make sure whatever you choose is for your highest good, not just for the other person.

Speaking of Divine guidance our numerological energy is the 7. Take time out to listen for it today, there is an important message that will help you know the leap of faith is the right thing to do.

Astrological energy is still strong with Mercury at 29 degrees and Uranus at 0. So expect to have more weird electronic issues today. More weird weather, and more people showing up in bizarre ways from the past. This weekend's energy will be a bit more stabilizing as we have the Sun and Saturn making some nice aspects. When or Ego (sun) is restricted (saturn) we can make better choices and be motivated to get things done in an orderly fashion. Hello weekend projects!!

Love and Light!

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