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Energycast March 7, 2019

Today begins your new moon quest. Over the next 2 weeks until we reach the full moon in Libra new experiences will appear for you. Relationships will be key and our general energy card today agrees.

We have the 2 of water/cups for our general energy card of the day. This speaks to soulmates, partnerships, cooperation, give and take. The Ace of Cups introduced us to a new love and this card takes that new love to the next level. We are connecting on a new level. Whether it's a love relationship, a friendship or even a work partnership you are making positive progress.

The love energy is Slow we don't want to get too caught up or carried away in our relationships. There is no rush, things will unfold as they should. Just live in the moment and enjoy. In fact if you find your mind racing into the future, stop, and like this picture let those thoughts just flow right out of you and don't get attached to them. Don't get attached to outcomes at all right now. Nothing is certain when Mercury is retrograde. Just relax.

The action/advice of our Goddess Saraswati is about Mastery. We have much to learn still about our current relationships. We need to go deeper, learn more, study ourselves and in particular our reactions. Where is the ego trying to lead us? What are we fearful of? This is detached learning that helps us grow the most. Be open to learning and going further.

The numerological energy is a 1, so we still are being influenced by our new moon and the new beginnings.

The astrological energy sees the Moon joining with Mercury today. Your emotions your intuition are trying to move you forward. Your mind however is stuck on something from the past. It is certain you must go back and revisit whatever your mind is stuck on. It is ok to review but don't get stuck on something from the past today. Listen to your intuition. Use whatever you learned from the past, and let it move you forward.

Love and Light!

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