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Energycast March 6, 2019

Such a big day with the New Moon in Pisces, Uranus now officially in Taurus, and Mercury is now retrograde. This is a day where you look for signs, songs, synchronicities that will all help you on your path.

The general energy card is the 7 in the Major Arcana, which is the Chariot. This day speaks to success, but only if you grab the reins and pay attention. This is not a day for multi-tasking while driving. But you are in control of where you are heading if you are willing to do the work and make the effort. There are choices to be made today represented by the black and white horse. The best way forward is choosing what is for your higher good and the highest good for all involved. This is not a day for self-centeredness. In fact you making the effort to help someone else before you help yourself today will set the tone for the new moon. Now I don't mean in a self-sacrificing way, but in a way that says, yes you are important to me and here let me show you.

The love energy is Forgiveness. When we see Mercury retrograde we often interact with people and situations from the past. We have a chance to go back and re-work things, clear things up, and make amends. If this is you, then you want to make the effort to ask for forgiveness. If you find yourself on the receiving end then you need to be open to forgiving. Remember forgiving does not mean you are letting them off the hook or condoning the behavior. It is accepting that maybe there is something bigger going on for this person and you don't want to be trapped in negative energy with them. Let this burden go and you will feel much freer and much lighter. Hey you might even lose a pound. Yes weight is trapped emotions, so let it go.

Our action/advice comes from Ishtar the Mesopotamian Goddess. Her message is Communion. Yes it is Ash Wednesday, but not that kind of communion, well kinda. Remember those signs and synchronicities mentioned above? When we are connected to our higher power, source, God, whatever you connect to, then we become powerful creators. It is only when we are disconnected that we experience strife. If you are feeling overly tired, cranky, overworked, or things just aren't going your way, then you have a connection lose somewhere and this is your call to fix it! So plug in and listen and watch for signs and clues.

Our numerological energy is a 5, which means change. Considering all the planet energy going on that is a really good way to be, open to change.

Speaking of astrological energy, be sure to read my article on today's New Moon. The overall theme with Mercury retrograde is something from your past will help you achieve a fresh start. By going back, by taking a second look, by seeing something you missed the first time around you get a chance to upcycle something. And here you thought you weren't into recycling and rehabbing things! Be open, slow down, and don't get caught up in frustrating energy. Whatever comes up from the past over these next 3 weeks is something you need to look at, deal with differently and then move on. In addition Mercury likes to mess with anything electronic, and Uranus in Taurus will shake up the earth. At this 0 and 29 degrees the energy is more intense. So expect a few days of noticeable events. The 29 degree in Pisces is a rather dramatic point, when something sits there for an extended period of time there can be impacts. I am just saying don't leave anything on your phone, on your computer that isn't protected. Today is a great day to back up anything that is really important to you. And if you don't need it on there clear it up.

Love and Light!

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