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Energycast March 3rd, 2019

As we move closer and closer to the New Moon and the Spring Equinox there is a shift in the air that is palpable. Are you ready for a fresh start?

Our general energy card today is the Hermit, 9 in the Major Arcana. The 9's represent an ending or a letting go in order to move forward. See how he is shining the light behind? That is a signal that this has something to do with the past. This card says we are seeking answers today, no longer willing to accept the status quo. When we seek out the light we are seeking out a loving solution to a situation in our life. Only after the Fool meets the Hermit and sees the light does he start down a new path and meet the Wheel of Fortune. This is about welcoming in positive changes and letting go of those things that hold you back, keep you trapped in fear and deny you love. It is about taking a chance and spinning the wheel and seeing where it wants to take you. If you ignore this light, you ignore an opportunity to welcome in positive changes and will just repeat this same pattern again and again. But since you are reading this page and it was named after this card, I have no doubt you are ready for change. Who else needs to see this light today? Who should your forward this article to? Are you shining your light brightly enough?

The love energy card is Focus on Love. In every thing, person, situation there is love present. We just have to stop and see it. But once you do, you cannot unsee it, and boy does the ego hate it when that happens. The advice today is to see only love when you look at the current situation that is causing you grief. Emotional energy builds upon itself, what we focus on we get more of. So you want to nitpick your partner, accuse them of putting you down, being unsupportive, then you are focused on fear based energy. Instead shift your perspective. See where they are coming from in reality and don't take every action of theirs so personally. Now this does not mean you need to stay in relationships with people that are not for your highest good, but it does mean you can walk away with peace in your heart and not be attached to them through negative energy still. A great activity today is to just look at all the people in your life and recognize one good part of them. The more the better, but see if the energy between the 2 of you shifts as a result.

The action/advice is from our Greek Goddess Rhea, being in the Flow is about letting go of resistance. Instead of trying to paddle upstream and work harder and harder and harder without seeing much results, direct your boat, which is really your attention, downstream. A good practice is to mentally do this with any issue that is bothering you. Your body is your boat. Review the thoughts or the actions you have been taking where a particular situation is causing frustration in your life. What thought can you focus on that allows your body to completely relax? If you focus on an argument your energy rises, your body tenses and about 100 other situations flood your mind where you felt the same way. You are going upstream. Now take that same situation and hand it over to the Universe, release attachment to it and just let the energy flow. There are so many ways to do this. Mantras like not my monkey, not my circus. Let go, Let God, I release this and let it unfold as it should, I trust that the Universe has a plan for me. But the key in all of it is Trust and Faith. When we get out of our own way, when we stop trying to control the outcomes, when we detach, we allow ourselves to get back in the flow. So whatever your situation is, whatever brick wall you are hitting the advice today is to seek the light, see love in the situation, and then stop fighting the universe. Let this unfold naturally today.

The numerological energy is a 4, which allows us to build a new foundation, we are tearing our home down to the studs and starting over. The best way to start over is with gratitude. Every time the Universe gives you something say thank you. The more you say thank you in a day the more things you receive to be thankful for. I am thankful to each of you that read these, like, comment, and share them. My goal is to always shine a light, and if I reach one new person and help them through their day I am thankful for the opportunity.

The astrological energy is building towards the New Moon in Pisces, the shift of Uranus into Taurus and Mercury retrograde. We have a hella lot going on in the skies, and as above so below. But today our focus is on the square between Mars and the Moon. We are pushed to take action on something that is intuitively and emotionally based. So when you get that quiet little voice in your head urging you to do 'something' you need to follow through. Don't dismiss it as too far out, or crazy talk, there is something there that needs to be explored. Here is the thing about getting into the flow, and this will get you back there, once you take the leap of faith, everything just starts to magically fall into place. So today show the universe that you trust the process. Take a leap of faith and go somewhere you have never gone before. This is a call for a virtual skydiving jump. Close your eyes and simply let yourself fall today, but please not while you are driving or operating any kind of machinery!! I said virtual people!!

Love and Light!

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