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Energycast March 31, 2019

As a reminder tomorrow we start a new month, so Rabbit Rabbit for good luck!

Our general energy card today is the Emperor, #4 in the Major Arcana! We are the boss today, we are getting things done (dangit I have to give in and take care of my garage!!) . We are organized, we are detailed, we are a bit Saturnian with our energy. We will either embrace this energy or be faced with someone who possesses it today. Wait, as the Emperor you actually have people do stuff for you! Where is my nephew at today? Oh boy, Mars is in the air sign Gemini now and at the powerful 0 degree mark, and that is ruled by Mercury. Jokes, Jokes, Jokes the whole month, lucky you. But seriously, maybe, this is a great energy day, where you will feel accomplished with whatever you choose to tackle. Even if you do it yourself.

The Love energy is Actions Speak Loudly, which means words are not gonna cut it today. If you want someone to know you love them, you need to show them. This is not a day for fluff, this is a day to lay it all out there and make a big example of your love. If this person is important to you, they deserve to know. So 'show' a little love today to those you truly care about. Even if your love language isn't acts of service, today you need to make the effort to do some.

The action/advice comes from our Goddess Ma'at, and she wants you to know the Truth, and you guessed it, nothing but the truth. This is a day for getting honest with yourself and with others. You can let go of fear today and tell your partner what you need from them. And then you really need to listen to their answer. People tell us what they are capable of all the time and we ignore them. Ma'at says that you are powerful when you share your true feelings and your truth. Wherever you stand on any issue it is safe to share your truth. We can have different beliefs and still get along, but we don't have to necessarily stay in a relationship/friendship with someone who cannot accept our differences. Today you will be heard if you speak your truth.

The numerological energy is an 11 which is a Master Number of Service. We will be focused on our close relationships today and being of help to those we love.

The astrological energy is as I mentioned about Mars moving into the Air Sign Gemini. Gemini is the Twins of the Zodiac. There is a portal of manifestation open with Mars here, but we must speak our minds. Put out into the Universe what it is you truly wish to create. In addition, our other big powerhouse of activity this week is the exact conjunction between Pluto and the South Node. And lest we forget our good friend Saturn is sitting close by as well. In the positive light we are using our power to rid ourselves of something that no longer serves us. Now in a not so positive light we use our powers to do that in a not so kind way. So you can go all Darth Vader and become the dark side, or stay in the Light. This is what this whole next year is really all about. How will we use our Power (Pluto)? The North Node is always opposite the South. So now it is in direct opposition to Pluto and in the sign of Cancer, representing love, nurturing, home and family. This year will be all about the Government vs the People. Big money vs Home and Family. This is why we have the Border issues, the Brexit issues, and just wait for Bitcoin. We are being pushed to find alternatives to the way we have always done things (South Node) . One of the last times Pluto was in Capricorn was 1776, and we all know what happened then. So will it take a war to declare our independence this time, even with ourselves? Or can we learn from the past and do things differently this time around the sun. I believe the goal is for our energy to progress and not keep repeating the past. And just because we had a particular outcome in the past does not mean we have to be bound to it in the future. But that's why I am the Guiding Light after all. So my 2 job is worth dying for. The thing that matters most is a loving family. That is where your biggest focus belongs. When we unplug from the driving energy of Capricorn we can appreciate the loving energy of Cancer. That is the goal and this week will begin to show you the battle in your own life and how you need to adjust if there isn't a good balance between work and family. Here is a clue, if you are sick, run down, extra cranky, then you are trying to control outcomes too much. Take a step back, give yourself permission to just relax, and let the Universe take the wheel. See I just had to sneak a song in there somewhere!!

Love and Light!

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