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Energycast March 23, 2019

As we slip into our Saturday we will start to feel the affects of Mercury beginning to slow down, station and then start back direct on the 28th. We are beginning to revisit something that happened around this time last month...what was going on for you? This is your second chance to try again.

Our general energy card is the beautiful Star card, #17 in the Major Arcana, so these cards tend to carry more weight with them. This is the card of dreams coming true. It hasn't happened over night, and it may not all happen for you today, but there will be significant progress. Dream big, wish big, write down what you want to manifest in your life like you already have it, then read that story you created over and over until it feels real. You will have great powers to create with this kind of energy.

The Love energy is Focus on Love. This is a great day to have that fresh start that Mercury is sending your way, with a fresh set of eyes on your situation. There is love to be seen there if you just look closely enough. This is a reminder to slow down, let go of the emotional turmoil and try to see things from the other person's perspective. When you do you just might get what you have been wishing for in love.

The Goddess energy today is from Australia and Yhi. She wants you to shine your light brightly today, just like the Sun does. Do not make yourself small just to suit other's needs either. Own your light, show your self worth and don't waste time on those who want to steal, dampen, or discount your power. The Sun means success, recognition, fun and joy. So let the sun shine...sorry I couldn't resist sneaking a song in there.

The numerological energy is still the 11 and still reduces to a 2. Our relationship focus continues and so does doing things for others that are for our highest good.

Our astrological energy has Mars in a trine and sextile with the North and South Node. This helps us take action on our path. We know what we want and we are not afraid to go after it. We know what we don't want and we are also not afraid to walk away from it. So we are taking action on something that involves home and family (North Node in Cancer) and letting go of something work or success related (South Node in Capricorn). Whatever you have been trying to balance will get a boost today. Maybe this is the thing that Mercury conjunct with Neptune is helping you revisit. This is not about taking a huge step forward but it is at the very least identifying what you need to do and planning how to execute it with the New Moon in the first week of April.

Love and Light!

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