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Energycast March 22, 2019

TGIF!! We made it through some big events this week. We have love and healing on our minds for the day.

Our general energy card is the King of Water/Cups. Being in command of the Kingdom of Love takes hard work, commitment and sometimes sacrifice. But all these things have brought you to this place where you know exactly what you want from love and you know exactly how to get it. Whether you are interacting with this person or embody this energy, you are in a good place. The King is someone you can go to for advice, you can trust him. This King is the one you want if you are starting a new relationship. He is fully committed to home and family. He openly expresses how he feels. This is definitely a feel good energy type of day. Whatever you need to tackle, lead with your heart.

The Love energy is Consider your Foundation. This is the same energy we get whenever we see the number four in our numerology reading. If you are not where you want to be in your relationship or search for love, then you need to dig down deep and see what your thoughts truly are where love is concerned. Because if you are single, it is actually because you want to be. If you are not happy in love it is because you don't want to be. Love takes risk, honor, commitment, and cannot coexist with fear. Until you vanquish the fear, love cannot flourish. This is a message to review your thoughts on love. What are you actually putting out into the universe? Because what you think about you attract. Even when you are not aware. So take time and review what you might be unaware of. Then if you don't like it, build a different foundation going forward.

The action/advice comes from our Greek Goddess Athena, she represents Knowledge. We all get to be claircognizant today!! Well I am everyday, but now you can all join in. This means you just 'know' things without understanding how you know. Thoughts, solutions, premonitions, psychic connections all will just flow to you. Whatever problems you have been mulling over will suddenly appear not as a problem but as a problem with a really clear solution. In fact, you might wonder why in the world you didn't think of this before! When people ask you how you know something, you won't be able to tell them the answer, but you will just 'know' you are right. In particular where love and relationships are concerned.

The numerological energy is an 11, a master number of service, that reduces to the number 2. We really are able to attract what we want from love. 11's also open up a portal. And if you are looking for love it may just show up while you are helping someone else out.

The astrological energy has the Sun conjunct with the asteroid Chiron. The wounded healer Chiron gave up his immortality so someone else could live, and then the wound he was carrying with him was in a way released. The Sun will show you what wound you need to release. It is time to let this go, to free yourself, and live in peace. This is especially true of love. Just because you were hurt in the past does not mean you need to carry this with you forever. It's time to put the baggage down and walk away from it. And yes I checked with the Spirit Airport and they said baggage left unattended is dangerous so they will pick it up and discard it!! We are all over the place with our emotions today as the moon makes several different aspects, but you are being guided, so just tune in and listen. You will know what you have to do today. Just remember to lead with love.

Love and Light!

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