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Energycast March 21, 2019

Today is full of little mishaps, nothing major, but annoyances may abound today with this type of energy. Ohhh Mercury, let it go already!! The best remedy is laughter, and lots of it.

Our general energy today is the Tower card, #16 in the Major Arcana and it speaks to shaking things up a bit. This could be weather, this could be your energy, this could be your car, this could be shocking revelations, and even natural disasters. I have found this card to be very independent in its impact. So just be prepared, be cautious, don't text and drive, don't distracted drive at all. In general this wakeup calls are meant to make us pay attention to something. Slow down. Take a deep breath and then move forward.

Our love energy is Love is All Around You and also number 16 in this deck. Hmmm I see a pattern developing. So whatever missteps you have been experiencing this is a reminder to just look at all the love you do have in your life. Who and what do you appreciate? Have you said so? Do you just look at things and appreciate them for their beauty. Show gratitude for the sky, the grass, the air you breath? This will be a day to pay attention to love to get you through the day.

The action/advice card is our wonderful Japanese Goddess Uzume. She reminds you that all work and no play is not the answer. In fact a lifestyle like that will just wear you down and eventually make you ill. So maybe you can't take 2 weeks off for a vacation, but you can give yourself a few hours of downtime for loving and laughing. Whatever comes up for you today, just take a moment, look at what happened and just laugh.

The numerological energy is still the 9 and closely tied to those endings we need to bring about with the full moon.

The astrological energy will still see the full moon as mentioned above, but today let's focus on the healing energy that is very strong. With Venus in Aquarius and Jupiter in Sagittarius forming a sextile, this says we can heal. In fact the Sun will be joined with Chiron for several days which is healing our souls. But this is bigger than just us. This is a coming together as one soul, raising our awareness of the pain and suffering of others and taking steps to help. Wherever you have Aquarius and Sagittarius in your chart you can expect a lot of cooperation and love. These are deep seeded wounds and you are ready to heal.

Love and Light!

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