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Energycast March 19, 2019

Oh boy do we want to take action today, we are fired up and the moon is almost full. Patience my dear grasshopper, patience.

Our general energy card is Ace of Earth/Pentacles. This means new beginnings where our finances are concerned. This is new job offers, promotions, new income. If you can though, because Mercury is still retrograde think this over very carefully. You need to look at all the details and make sure this is in your best interest and the best interest of the others involved. You don't want something that looks good now to suddenly change at the end of the month. Follow your gut instincts after you review all the facts.

The love energy speaks to our soulmate connections. The Spiritual Connection card means there is a lesson to be learned in this relationship, this is not just fluff. There is past life karma involved and it needs to be worked through in this lifetime. So if you are asking yourself if it's real, the answer is yes.

The action/advice card is from our Egyptian Goddess Ma'at. She wants you to speak the truth today, and speak from your heart. When we hold back how we truly feel we do ourselves and those around us a disservice. Most importantly you need to be honest with yourself about how you feel. Then without fear express those feelings. Does not matter if it is at work, at home or with your lover. But express this in a positive way, without blaming the other person and see what shifts for you.

The numerological energy is a 4. We strengthen our own foundations when we step out of fear and step into love.

The astrological energy has the full moon tomorrow. But today we have Venus in a square with Mars, and Pluto/Saturn in a trine to Mars. Here is the story playing out and it has been building up for a few days. Mars is at the head of all of this charging his way through Taurus, ruled by Venus. However Venus does not like how he is just charging ahead and not taking time to smell the roses, Taurus does rule beauty and agriculture btw. So the tension today is meant to make you slow down and take your power back. We need to pause and we need to be more conscious of our actions, particularly where love, beauty and money are involved. Squares force us to take action, make a change in direction, and turn a corner. The trine over to Pluto and Saturn reminds us to use our power but only in ways that help all involved. This conjunction between Pluto and Saturn will last through next year. We are being taught to take our power back. Saturn will continue to show us where we need to do that and we really really really ought to listen. Because at the end of the day a head slap from Saturn is never good! We are talking grandpa with a tree switch off the apple tree and it is gonna sting like a son of a biscuit!! Think before you act.

Love and Light!

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