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Energycast March 18, 2019

We have a full moon in Libra and the Spring Equinox this week. Whatever does not serve you will be swept out of your life this week. Be prepared it is not always an easy week. But know that what happens is meant to serve you over the next year. I know I know, it's a bit like eat your vegetables because they are good for you. They don't always taste good at first, but eventually you reap the rewards.

The general energy card today is the 5 of Fire/Wands. This card has a few meanings, but usually I see it come up when those around us are trying to draw us into their drama, trying to get us to take sides. Your goal however is to stay centered and not be pulled into this nonsense. If you are not caught up in that form of this energy you may be participating in it as a result of a competition of some sort. This is definitely an energy of battles.

The love energy is a bit more introspective and asks you to Look at your Pattern in Relationships. What do you continue to do that you need to let go of? Trust, Abandonment, Boundaries, or Control issues? Which one are you? This day has you looking within, where maybe you are battling with yourself. Choose to break these patterns once and for all and see how your relationships flourish.

The action/advice card today is Lakshmi, she rewards you. What you put out into the universe today will come back to you ten-fold. By not allowing yourself to be stuck in negative patterns, by choosing to break those relationship chains that no longer serve you, something better can appear in your life today. Lead by giving to others, expressing gratitude and then just patiently wait for this goodness to unfold for you. As if by magic something good can appear.

Numerological energy is the 1. Again we are prompted to make a fresh start. We are leveraging our leadership skills to get us there today.

Astrological energy as mentioned above is leading us to a full moon in Libra. We are being brought back into balance in our relationships with others and ourselves. To do that we will have to let go of whatever is weighing us down. Listen to your intuition today. The moon is basically standing across the sky from all the other planet energies. You might be all over the board with your emotions today, swinging up and down and round and round. Hmmm why do I always get these 80's songs in my head?? I will spare you the singing. You will start to understand what this full moon is about for you and be better prepared for it on Wednesday. Don't judge these feelings, just sit with them, pay attention to the message they are sending you. The right choice is the one that has you feeling most at peace. Or the harder you are digging in your heels and fighting against something, the more you need to let that something go....the things that are meant for you will flow to you. There is a difference between fighting for something vs fighting against the current. Can you feel it?

Love and Light!

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