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Energycast March 17, 2019

Happy St Patrick's Day! May the luck of the Irish be with you today.

Our general energy card is the Fool, we sure have been clearing a lot of things from the past in order to bring in this new beginning that keeps beckoning to us. Help this energy along today. Get outside and clear your energy. Clear the clutter from your car, your main doorway, anywhere that you see the possibility for energy to get stuck. Listening to music, singing, dancing, exercising are all great ways to get stuck energy moving as well. Once you are clear you can watch the energy flow and bring new things to you.

The love energy is Miracles and Blessings. Another great way to clear blockages is to express appreciation for everything around you. Acknowledging these miracles will allow more miracles and blessings to enter your life. If in a love relationship this is a good day to write out all the things you love and appreciate about your partner. You can give it to them or just keep it to yourself. Either way the message will be received.

The action/advice card is of course from the Celtic Goddess Danu. You cannot make this stuff up. I had a feeling with the St Paddy's energy we would see one of these Goddesses. This is really a repeat of the card above. Danu gives you Assurances that the seeds you have planted are now coming to fruition. Your miracles will show up for you. Be ready to welcome them in and watch them grow more quickly.

The numerological energy is a 5. We are welcoming change in on this day.

The astrological energy has Mercury forming sextiles to Mars, Saturn/Pluto. This gives us the opportunity to revisit a project from the past. Take a second look at paperwork, contracts, perhaps job related, depends on where this is in your chart. The energy from Mars gives us the impetus to get something done right this time. Whether it is through better communication or redoing the actual paperwork you did before, you now have some added skills that help you get this task accomplished. Whatever you have been debating on trying again, today the energy says to go for it. After all you never know what miracles and blessings are waiting for you if you don't take a chance.

Love and Light.

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