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Energycast March 13, 2019

Midweek has arrived! Today we are empowered to do things and go places we have been afraid of in the past. Like coming to see me this weekend at the South Tacoma Psychic Fair. I will be there from 10-5 on Saturday. I would love to book my day before the event. So look for a special on my page later today.

Our general energy card gives us the impetus to make things happen. The Ace of Air/Swords is a gift of thought from God, Source, the Universe, whatever speaks to you. Since the aces are represented by the number one in the zodiac, this thought this epiphany will start you on a new path. This is what follows after you take the leap of faith from the Dreamer card of yesterday. When you are open to receiving the transmissions come through like a lightning bolt. Let the sparks of imagination fly today and see where they lead you.

The love energy is Back to What you Love. If you have been feeling a little off because of the Mercury energy this is the perfect time to reflect on the past and look for those things, those activities and those people that brought you joy. Just because you feel like you are too far on the current path to go back, doesn't make it true. This retrograde gives you permission to turn around. Take a second look, be sure what it is you really want, and then go forward again. Whether you choose a new path or stay on the same one is up to you. But tune in to your intuition before you make a final decision.

Our action/advice comes from our Hindu Goddess Kali. She is the spark that drives you to take your power back in the world. She turns the meek into warriors. She helps you to transform into who you were meant to be. She is the Sun sextile with Pluto today. In order to rise like the Phoenix you must tear down your walls. You must look back on your path and see where you took the wrong turn, where you gave your power away. Today her message is to burn whatever holds you back, ok but not like literally because I am not taking the blame for any fires! :) . The power is intense and you need to remember to use it for your highest good and the highest good of others. To use it otherwise would be to do harm to others and that is not the goal of this energy.

Numerological energy is the 11 which reduces to a 2, but the 11 is a master number and we will focus on being of service of those we are in partnership with today.

Astrological energy as mentioned above is about taking our power back. Pluto exposes your dark side, but in a way that is meant to transform you for the better. We need to make peace with our shadow side in order to grow. With this in a sextile (60 degrees of love I always say) to the Sun, it is our ego shadows that must be burned away. We need to break down our walls and let ourselves shine for all to see. We do not need to hold back because we are afraid of what others might do to us if they saw just how powerful we really are. Shine bright like a diamond pops into my head as I think about this energy, for you deserve to be loved and cherished by others. And when they see you shining as you are meant to truly do, they will. And if not, well they don't deserve to be in your life anyway.

Love and Light!

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