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Energycast March 11, 2019

The one thing you can appreciate when you skip forward an hour is a beautiful sunrise developing before your eyes. This work week will be an enlightening one, and we will be in our heads a lot.

Our general energy card is the Sun. This speaks to a very successful day. The Sun represents our ego, our inner child even children around us. This is also an 11 day which opens a portal to manifesting. Whatever your heart desires today you can easily achieve. Set your intentions for this day and then watch your thoughts. What you think about you become, so focus on becoming something great!

Our love energy is Show Simple Acts of Kindness. The best way to share in your success and invite more in, is to share it with others. Go out of your way to make a difference in the lives of those who are less fortunate. Refill the bird seed, put out the homemade sugar water, let that person cut in line, slow down and let someone rude merge. :) . Cuz that is probably me.

Our action/advice card is the Goddess Lakshmi, yet another card speaking of success and good fortune. This is a great day to go buy those lottery tickets, file those tax returns, give your friends or family some financial assistance. Whatever you share today will come back to you ten-fold. All the energy is focused on success when we share in it with others. What a great way to start out our week.

The numerological energy is the 6, which we discussed yesterday. Again we are sharing in love, finances, time spent with others and sharing ourselves.

The astrological energy this week will have your mind very active. This is a great week to begin a meditation or yoga practice. Oprah and Deepak have a free one that takes just 15 minutes a day, this starts on the 25th though. The Sun and Mercury together can highlight your mind, and in particular your dreams, since they are both in Pisces, highlighting the subconscious mind. Just like we spring clean the house we need to spring clean the mind. Let these thoughts out, release them, make peace with them, and more than ever do not get hung up on them. The mind can tend to run like it's playing a record or cd with a scratch in it. Today our emotions and intuition get a lift from the our need for action. We will have Mars and the Moon conjunct for most of the day. So you will know what thoughts and feelings to take action on.

Love and Light!

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