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Energycast March 10, 2019

Serene Sunday is upon us. We lost an hour of our day springing ahead in most cases, but we want to keep our pace slow and not try to play catch up all day long.

The general energy card is the Queen of Air/Swords. This is a woman who knows her stuff. She doesn't get all caught up in making decisions of an emotional nature. She is analytical, thoughtful, has an edgy sense of humor, and can be trusted to tell you the truth. Whatever you need to accomplish today takes organization, determination, and a good deal of thought. You might finally get that big monster hanging over you head off your back if you dig in and stay focused today. If you are interacting with this woman, know that her advice is solid, she is an expert in her field, and she will not lead you astray.

The love energy card is again Slow Down. Someone out there is not living in the moment where love is concerned. You are wondering about the finish line and you haven't even given this relationship enough time to get off the ground. So today take a step back, stop thinking about the outcome and just let this flow naturally where it needs to go. Let Spirit guide you. Like the fish and hair in this picture, there might be some wild swings. Life and love do not follow a straight line, although the Queen of Air would like them to! There is no crisis, there is just life, leading you where you are meant to go. The road is a lot more curvy when you fight with the universal energies versus letting them guide you naturally.

The action/advice card is from our Goddess Gula, and the message is Healing. So it looks like one of those curves might have thrown you off into the bushes and you said or did some things you didn't mean to in your strong desire to try to control the Universe. This is a day for healing your wounds, your partner, friends or families wounds as well. Most importantly we are healing ourselves. Don't get stuck in your head re-running a bad episode over and over. All you can do is apologize, understand what the trigger was, recognize it and work hard not to let it have control over you again. Sunday is meant to be a day of rest, so let it. Heal, seek a healer or be the healer for someone who needs you.

The numerological energy is a one. We can close out a chapter today and start over.

The astrological energy has Mars and Neptune in an exact sextile, which means 60 degrees apart. 6 in numerology is about balance and love, giving and receiving. Mars is about action, passion, and Neptune our spirituality our dreams. Mars is fire and Neptune is water. The two combined together in harmony heat things up, but in a positive way. Think hot tub or sauna. Whatever your field of creativity is today you can receive a positive boost of inspiration. The words will flow freely on that book you have been working on. That project you can't seem to focus on will suddenly fall into place. Whatever you set your mind to as a result of your conversation with the Queen of Air will help you move forward. Sit still and let your mind flow today, it is leading you somewhere important.

Love and Light.

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