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Energycast June 9, 2019

Venus enters Gemini today and brings us a new look at love and money. It's the olive branch from the universe amongst all the squares.

The general energy card is the Page of Cups/Water, this is Venus, bringing us a gift of love. Water is our emotions, and the page energy is youthful, usually representing new beginnings. This can also be a gift from a loved one. The page energy can be a little immature, so just be warned, but generally this is a light positive type of energy.

The relationship energy is one we have not seen in awhile, Milk and Honey. This is a very sensual type of love, lavish even. All your needs are being met, your connection is deep and intimate, and you are very happy, It doesn't get much better than this when it comes to our intimate relationships. So how does this apply if you aren't in one? Lavish yourself! Milk baths, massages, a little spending spree, within your financial boundaries of course. You are nourishing your soul and it feels good!

The Goddess energy is Elen, talking to us about our Patterns. This message is about taking the above and creating positive patterns in your life that invite in love, invite in sensuality and joy. We talk so much about patterns we don't want to repeat because they keep us in an unwelcome place. But we can shift that, and create patterns that serve us as well. Today is a good day to look at your positive days and see what you can do to create more of them.

The numerological energy is again a 1. This invites us to have those new beginnings in love.

The astrological energy is seeing a Grand Cross, which is 4 planets squaring one another, each trying to figure out how they can work together. We have the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Neptune forming a square. Then the Moon is Opposing Neptune, which creates the cross. Change is on the horizon. All these planets are in signs that represent flexibility and change. Together they can create change on a large scale. We are being pushed to feel something as a result of believing in a higher purpose, we can no longer be disconnected and feel content. This is not a light day to say the least. Add to that we have Venus just entering into Gemini, needing us to have a plan about something we value. This is a great day to find your happy place, understand why it makes you happy, and then work to create more happiness for yourself and those around you. Use this energy to grow and you will not feel a major push from the Universe who thinks you are stuck and needs a wakeup call. When in doubt ask for help, and just know you are not alone. All change serves a bigger purpose, and change is good.

Love and Light.

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