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Energycast June 8, 2019

The energy today is all about transformation with a significant purpose! Change is really no longer an option.

Our general energy card is the Queen of Fire/Wands. This speaks to following our passions today. The Queen of Fire knows what she wants, she is confident and she knows to follow what inspires her. She is not dull and she does not want to be grounded necessarily. She wants to burn just a bit, from the fire within and then create great things out of the fire. Be ready for some inspiration and motivation, maybe even a little perspiration.

Our relationship energy is our good friend Chaos and Conflict. We really need to get real with our partners today. Show who we really are. Let the conflict that exists serve its purpose, help you get to the bottom of a particular issue so you can finally put it to rest. It is always best when we can be ourselves. That is a sign of being with your true soul mate, you don't have to pretend to be someone that you are not. So take off the masks today, show your true colors, then be ready to move forward.

Our Goddess energy is also talking about transforming. Again we have Morrighan. Death and Magic just means out of the ashes something magical is about to rise. But we need to finish the process. She keeps returning as we take 2 steps forward, and then take one step back. Make a goal today to finish the transformation you have been working so hard on. You have everything lined up in the cards to help you push through this. Whether it is ending a relationship, starting a new one, starting an exercise and diet plan, or getting a new job, the energies are aligning with you. This could end up being that final push you needed.

The numerological energy is the 8, yet another sign that you are really strong today, you can tackle whatever gets in your way.

The astrological energy feels a bit like being stuck in limbo. Everything is building, but slowly. All the things we have discussed this week are still at play. Mercury is making contacts still with Chiron and Uranus. If you haven't had that little surprise pop up yet, today might be the day. Venus at the last degree of Taurus is going to go out big, this is the Queen of Fire energy today. Venus is about to leave her home sign where she is very content and then have to get all in her head and be a little fickle once she arrives in Gemini. Also today we have Mars getting closer to the North Node in Cancer. This connection will go on for the next week. This is fated events where home and family are concerned. Needing to take some action, in particular some action associated with your fate. Depending on what house this sits in for you, there are more clues as to how exactly that might happen. All this is feeding into the Chaos and Conflict and Death and Magic. Let Mars lead you where you need to go, show you what action to take. Just make sure it is for the highest good of all involved. Otherwise the upcoming Tsquare will just burn it turn the ground.

Love and Light!

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