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Energycast June 7, 2019

Happy Friyay everybody. I know it has been an intense week, feelings bubbling up to the surface, but not quite sure what to do with them. This weekend you might get pushed to find out. Hang in there.

The general energy card today is Fortune's Wheel. This means we are in for change, and this is generally good change. This bodes well for new beginnings. If you have been waiting for a sign to start something new, to follow a new path, then this is that sign. This is a really lucky day, and you might finally catch that break you have been hoping for. This is a Major Arcana card, meaning the energy is stronger, and hard to miss. Not likely to be some subtle change. Go buy that $2 lotto ticket and remember who told you to! :)

The love energy card is Soulmates, which says this new beginning might just be happening in the love department. Woot Woot for Friday night fun!! If the Universe is trying to steer you in a particular direction, hence the wheel, you should really make the turn. This person is being placed in your path for a very important reason. If you are asked to undertake something today then don't read into it too much. Just jump in and see where this might take you. All will be revealed in time. Soul mates are not just love relationships, they are also important friendships and partnerships. Our interactions today are with these special people in our lives. This makes for very enjoyable activities, so get out and mingle, especially if you are single!

The Goddess energy is Mary, and she is speaking of Miracles. Can I just say again this is a very fated day. Things are going to change quickly, and it will feel like a Miracle has occurred. You just need to have faith and believe. Perhaps change your perspective about a particular person or situation and then, the miracle can unfold for you. Those who are in the flow and not blocking will welcome these changes more readily.

The numerological energy is a 1. This again tells us this is a day for new beginnings, for using our leadership skills, for making a fresh start.

The astrological energy has the Moon in Leo, making us have a strong desire for fun, which on a Friday is a great feeling. We are looking for passion, for a way to be on stage with our feelings, and spending time with our children. Enjoy the fun of today because the weekend work is going to be not as light. We are also building up to the huge Tsquare between the Sun, Jupiter and Neptune this weekend. This is the feeling that has been nagging at you all week. It can be very heavy at times. What are your beliefs? What is your higher purpose? How are you feeding your soul? These are not simple questions, and you need to go deep to get the answers, to make the necessary changes. This is a weekend of some serious growth, and you will not find hiding from yourself or your feelings an easy task. If it gets to be too much I am always available to get you through it. You are not alone.

Love and Light!

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