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Energycast June 6, 2019

In the skies Mercury becomes visible again, making all things Mercurial, like our communications skills and tools, a bit easier to work with. It's our unspoken communications that get a lift today.

The general energy card is the High Priestess. When we see this card it means we are seeking answers everywhere, but where we can actually find them. We need to go within, we need to pay attention to our intuition, and we need to ask the questions to our higher power. And then you shouldn't expect a direct answer, in fact, you might just have to come up with the answer yourself. Just know this is about being in a place of balance, and then letting this message come through for you.

The relationship energy is the Treasure Island card! Yay we have found this mysterious place again. This speaks to a message that helps you connect with your loved one's in a way that is both satisfying and fulfilling in a dreams come true kind of way. This place is hidden, like the High Priestess. There is definitely a theme of being able to see the unseen today if you tap in. This bodes well for our relationships and we are happy with where they are heading.

The Goddess energy is Morrighan, which is one of our transformation Goddesses. Her message, her clue for you to find the answers you seek, and make it to Treasure Island is to let go of something that is holding you back. Are you stuck in the past because you keep things that belong to a past love? Do you have pictures, articles of clothing, or knick knacks that remind you of a tough time? Or is it just your thoughts that need transformed? Whatever you are working on today, know that when you tap in you have the ability to work this out once and for all, and come out much better on the other side.

The numerological energy is the 3, meaning that while we focus on creating we have the best chance to achieve our transformation goals.

The astrological energy has the Moon in a positive sextile with Venus, making us extremely loving. Add to that Mercury in a sextile to Uranus and we might be surprised by how easily we express ourselves, especially with our loved one's. Uranus of course means surprise so be prepared to hear from someone you haven't heard from in awhile out of the blue. Or someone might apologize that you never thought would, or, or, or....this is Uranus so anything is possible. But there is potential for a door to healing to be opened with this conversation, but it will cause you to change direction in some way as Mercury is about to square Chiron in the next day or two.

Love and Light!

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