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Energycast June 5, 2019

This is a good day for putting yourself in a bit of a timeout. We have some serious thinking to do before the weekend events are upon us.

The general energy card is the 4 of Swords. This is the card for introspection, for retreat, for rest! You can only be go go go for so long and then your body and your mind tell you loud and clear that they need a break! This is that kind of day. Slow it down a bit, even if you are only slowing your mind down. We are moving out of the fast Gemini energy and transitioning over into Cancer season, which is the 4 of Swords. Loving and nurturing yourself and others will now become your top priority. Mars has been there telling you to take action, and now Mercury entering will help you come up with a plan. Like adding a meditation practice everyday.

Relationship energy is the Message in a Bottle. Meaning someone in your life is trying to get you to listen to what they are saying. They have some really good news for you today which is very exciting. So open yourself up to listening to your partners and see what exciting news unfolds for you.

The Goddess energy is again Mnemosyne. Man the past is becoming a stalker. Perhaps the message today comes from somebody from our past. There is something relating to the past that you need to pay attention to and learn from in any case. Tune in and see what shows up for you and then come back and make a comment, I always love to hear how this is showing up for everyone out there.

The numerological energy is a 1. This bodes very well for new beginnings from whatever this message is you receive from your partner.

The astrological energy has the Moon conjunct with Mars and Mercury now at the first degree of Cancer. As mentioned above this is a lot of Cancerian energy. The Moon at home in the sign of Cancer is really happy, loving, positive energy. Combined with the passion of Mars this can bring about some very emotional reactions today, but in a good way. Mercury in Cancer is giving you the skills to communicate how you are feeling. The plan to renovate your home, or at least organize it. The next retrograde of Mercury will happen in this sign as well. The homefront will be your focus in the month of July. Best to prep for it now, but don't get overly committed to anything, it will get reworked shortly.

Love and light.

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