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Energycast June 4, 2019

Sheesh that was a serious New Moon, it's a bit of a new moon hangover kind of day too!

The general energy card is the Temptation card, which is traditionally the Devil card. The Devil is not necessarily a bad card, it can speak of passion in our partnerships, and it can speak of breaking free of our egos. This is a day to realize the habits that hold you back and keep you trapped when you don't need to be. If you are tempted to take the easy way out, to give into your ego today then the message is for you to look at the 'why' behind the choice you are making. Is it really necessary, or just the easy way out? Perhaps there is a different way.

The love energy is the Orphaned card. We might be feeling a bit lost in our connection with others today. But the key to these and abandonment issues in general is that this feeling is an illusion. As an adult we cannot be abandoned or orphaned. We are capable of taking care of ourselves. And even if you have felt that way in the past, you are an adult now, and what occurred in childhood needs to be released. While those experiences may have molded us into who we are today, they no longer need to control us. This is the point of the Devil card above, to break free from this kind of thinking. As long as you can love and provide for yourself, you cannot be abandoned.

The Goddess energy is Hera and the Alliance message is the way through the above darkness. Who is your soul family now? Who helps you not fall back on bad habits? Who can you reach out to when things appear to be falling apart? Do you have an Alliance with yourself, or it that where the actual abandonment is happening? The Alliance message is one for accomplishing our goals by working together. The way forward is working smarter not harder and accepting help from others. Going it alone will leave you feeling orphaned and is not the key to getting through this day.

The numerological energy is a 4. We are developing new habits today that strengthen our inner foundations.

The astrological energy has the Moon and Mercury conjunct at the last degrees of Gemini. This is definitely expanding our new moon feeling and enhancing our Gemini energy. At the last degree of a sign, the critical degree, the energy is intensified. This could give you a bit of a jump start to your new moon wishes! This is fast thinking, fast talking, and very emotional, compassionate conversations connected with the Moon. Do not get caught in the spiral today. It is very easy to go down the rabbit hole, and it will not serve you. This week is a building of an intense Tsquare between the Sun (ego) Jupiter (expansion/higher purpose) and Neptune (spirituality/delusion/creativity) this is going to push you hard to review your value system. Are you where you are meant to be? Do you have a purpose? Are you on your path? The farther from your path you are, the harder this week and this weekend are going to be. Not trying to doom and gloom anyone, but prepare you for some soul searching. If you take control and do the work, it will actually be easier. If you stay trapped, or isolated, you will get a huge shakeup call. So open your eyes, be aware, and start making at least some small changes. You came here to learn and grow your soul. This is a week for checking in on how you are doing. Do you feel stagnant? Then it is time for a change. And this week will show you where that change needs to occur. Be patient with yourself and with others this week, it will go a long way.

Love and Light!

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