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Energycast June 3, 2019

Happy New Moon in Gemini. May all your wishes that you wrote down in the realm of all things Gemini, come true! You can read my blog on this page for more inspiration and a snapshot of what new things may be in store for you this new moon cycle.

The general energy card is from my new deck, Beautiful Creatures. There is just something about this little group of I had to have these cards. We have the 10 of Pentacles, and this speaks to achieving a financial win. You are feeling safe and secure in your surroundings, and often family is a top priority. The name on the card is Legacy for this reason. You are building something that you can stand behind, that you can leave as your legacy, something your family will always have as a reminder of you. Financially this is a great day.

The love energy is the Soul Mate card. We have been doing lots of work on our relationships lately. This is a message that if you are not physically with your soulmate yet you will be soon. It is better to wait and be on the same wavelength then it is to come together too soon. This just leads to conflict, confusion, and frustration. If you are with someone new this is a sign that they could be the one. Especially if the two of you met over this weekend when the Pluto/Venus activity was going on.

The Goddess energy is Mama Qocha, water. This always reminds us to be flexible, to believe in ourselves and know that like water we are unstoppable. You can wear down that mountain of paperwork!! This also says because of the cards above we are in the flow today. We are feeling financially successful, we are feeling the love, and to get to either of those places we must be working with the water, our emotions, not against them.

Numerological energy is the 3, we are tapping into our creativity, using our strengths. spending time connecting to our creator. From this place we are feeling safe and secure.

Astrological energy is of course the Gemini New Moon, which was exact at about 3:01 am PT. The Moon in Gemini is very logical, which means so are your emotions. If you have been putting off dealing with something, today might be a good day to tackle whatever it is. You can see both sides, both options, communicate well, and finally achieve a decision. In order to start something new we oftentimes need to close the door on something currently in flight. The Moon will be in Gemini through tomorrow, where it will meet up with Mercury before they both head into very emotional Cancer. Things are going to become very emotional very quickly as we have a lot of energy lining up in Cancer. So now is the time to deal with whatever you need to, logically.

Love and Light!

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