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Energycast June 2, 2019

It's getting hot in here....if you know the song you know the energy of Venus trine Pluto exact today at 22 degrees, the master builder number. Something is building alright, a bon fire.

The general energy card today speaking of hot things is the Sun. This speaks of success, of fun and adventure of being in a childlike state with no worries or concerns. The sun represents the ego, and when the ego is happy you and everyone around you is happy. The major arcana cards also carry a heavier weight with them, so more intensity. You will shine brightly today, so let go and have some fun. There will be time for work tomorrow.

The love energy card came to me before I even drew it. You will be given an opportunity to see your partner more clearly today. The conflict you have been having is actually not as it appeared and now you get to see what has been really going on under the surface. This is going to help you see your partner in a whole new light, with the help of the Sun's energy. Chaos and Conflict, even if it is just within yourself is necessary at times to get to the root of a problem. Up and out is the concept here. You can't keep things buried under the surface forever, eventually they need an outlet. Today is the day where this outlet finds a vent. So things might get a bit worse before they finally get better. But it is all serving a purpose.

The Goddess energy is Mnemosyne which means we are dealing with issues from the past that we have not made peace with yet. Let this go. Learn from it and move on once and for all. All this chaos all these awful feelings are coming up because they are weighing far too heavily on your soul. These feelings are a burden that your body and mind in particular are done having to deal with. Learn from this and then release it. Your time with these feelings, with these haunting memories is over. Buh Bye!

The numerological energy is a 7. This means when you go within today, do some meditating for at least 15 mins, the answers to how to release this chaos will come to you. Boom, lightbulb moment.

The astrological energy driving your desire to get this dealt with once and for all is Venus and Pluto. You want passion, you want desire from your partner, then you need to show up to your relationship a whole person. Pluto transforms you. Venus transformed is pretty powerful. Money, love, passion, all the 5 senses, your self worth are all lit up like it is the 4th of July already. So watch out or you are going to get burned. You will either transform or burn with Pluto. I recommend finishing your transformation. Be the Phoenix and rise from those ashes today. The moon has now slipped into Gemini and will meet up with the Sun early tomorrow morning for the New Moon in Gemini. This will drive your desire to make a plan, to communicate your plan, to see both sides, to see your dark side. But all in an effort to get things moving. You are done with being stuck, done I tell you. More on this in a bit.

Love and Light!

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